Khasara In Review: Mohtasim's ugly face is beginning to unmask!
Khasara In Review: Mohtasim's ugly face is beginning to unmask!

Khasara In Review: Mohtasim's ugly face is beginning to unmask!

It is good to see Mikaal Zulfiqar break away from typical roles and play the cunning Mohtasim to perfection
Published Jul 12, 2018 11:25am

It has been a while since we saw Khasara but the pace at which it is moving these days is quite interesting as Monis (Junaid Khan) has begun to notice the vibes which are existing between his so called friend Mohtasim (Mikaal Zulfiqar) and wife Sila (Sonia Mishal) and this week he confronts both of them as well as take charge of the situation which has made us look at Monis with utmost respect once again.

Monis, is a man who knows how greedy his wife is but despite that he has done everything to make her happy. However, knowing that Sila was at a farm house with Mohtasim all night turns out to be the last straw as he can no longer bear it and asks Mohtasim to get out of his life for good.

Written by Maha Malik, this entangled web of love and betrayal works in our eyes as the script written is very strong. The story is so well planned that the the drama does not become a drag and Khasara which has entered its 17th episode never has a dull moment onscreen.

Director Shahid Shafaat has brilliant actors on board who are doing such a wonderful job that despite it having four main characters, and the drama revolving around them mostly, week after week we are left wanting to see more. The actress playing the role of Sila's best friend Areeba also deserves a special mention as she along with seasoned actors has managed to carve a place for herself with mature and heartfelt acting.

So what took place in the latest double episodes of Khasara? Well read along to find out.

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Sila is someone whom we know loves money but along with that she is not a very bright girl as so far she has not been able to gauge Mohtasim's intentions. Sila heads out to the farm house with Mohtasim upon her son's insistence while Monis has headed out of town to sort Areeba's problem for her. And it is upon his return that he receives a wakeup call from Linta asking him about the whereabouts of his wife.

With Sila lying to him and getting stuck at the farmhouse due to a heavy rain, the next day Monis sees the duo together and tells Mohtasim to get out while informing Sila that they would be leaving his house too. But does that stop Sila from meeting Mohtasim again? Sadly no, as we have said before she is not a very bright girl, she is rather immature as despite nothing having happened between her and Mohtasim she does not respect her husband's wish of not meeting him.

While the episode was based on Monis feeling hurt and shamed by what all Linta said, it was the end of the episode which finally unveiled Mohtasim in front of him as well as the way he called Sila a pretty wife made Monis see what a sleaze he was and the slap he received from Monis was very well deserved.


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So quite a captivating story, it is good to see Mikaal move away from playing nice roles and opt for something negative for a change. Junaid Khan is perfect as Monis as even his body language compliments the character, Sonia Mishal is the star of the drama who has these two men revolving around her. Sarwat Gillani as Linta owns her role but it is Sonia Mishal who shines bright in the drama.

With Monis bent on looking after his family away from Mohtasim, lets see what next week's episode, on Tuesday at 8 pm only on Ary Digital, brings as we are sure Sila will goof up once again and put her married life in a great jeopardy.