Mohsin Abbas Haider a part of Load Wedding?
Mohsin Abbas Haider a part of Load Wedding?

Mohsin Abbas Haider a part of Load Wedding?

With us having heard the actor's voice in the teaser we got curious and got in touch with the star to know more
Published 13 Jul, 2018 02:37pm

One of the most talented actors to have emerged in the past years or so has to be Mohsin Abbas Haider who is making waves these days by playing a very negative character in the drama serial Meri Guriya. The drama serial deals with minors being raped and murdered with Mohsin playing one these grey characters who commits such hideous crimes.

Before he began his journey in to dramas, Mohsin Abbas Haider was actually seen on the big screen with the first Na Maloom Afraad where he played the character called Moon along with Fahad Mustafa and Jawed Sheikh. With him having been associated with Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Meerza's production house Filmwala by again appearing in Na Maloom Afraad 2 we are left quite curious about whether we just might see him once again in Load wedding as he just did the voice over for the film's teaser which by the way looks and sounds amazing.

So wanting to know more we got in touch with the star and this is what he shared with us, "If you look at Filmwala movies then you will always see my association with them in the form of co-writer in the credits section and exactly like that even in Load Wedding you will see my name as a co writer."

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And only co-written he hasn't. Along with writing Load Wedding, Mohsin Abbas Haider has written songs for the film as well. "I am also a lyricist for two songs in the film and I have sung one of them too."

A voice which can breathe life in to any track, we are sure Mohsin's song will not disappoint but will we see him make a guest appearance in the movie along with Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat was what we asked him next to which he replied with a little laugh,

"Well that will be a surprise,"

Now that indeed will be a pleasant one if it does occur and we for one will definitely be watching out for it once Load Wedding releases next month on Eid ul Azha.