For women, who dare to stand out from the crowd!
For women, who dare to stand out from the crowd!

For women, who dare to stand out from the crowd!

Reflections-SS18 Bridal Collection by Souchaj pays tribute to the strength of modern women.
Updated 01 Aug, 2018 04:23pm

The high-end brand Souchaj has launched Reflections- SS18 Bridal Collection. While featuring bridal couture, the collection has been designed for the modern women of today; women who are not afraid to look fear and adversary right in the eyes.

The collection follows the underlying philosophy that modern brides are independent in choosing their identity, and don’t have to face the conventional complexities that come with getting married. Reflections focuses on the strength of modern women of today and yet retains exquisite femininity for the newly wedded bride.

The collection has been introduced in a tastefully done music video featuring Ali Sethi with his original new folk ballad "Rondian Akhiaan," Since the collection pays homage to the power of today’s women, the track evokes a feeling of pure, unconditional love. It talks about longing, it talks about emotions and feelings of the purest kind and is well in sync with the collection featured in the video.

Talking about Reflections, Souchaj says, “Our recent collection is a true reflection of the philosophy of Souchaj, from the local roots and culture to the legacy of our land. It speaks of a tale of timelessness of the traditional couture in a grand scheme of things. “REFLECTIONS“ integrate a colorful and innovative blend of several Pakistani cultures, consisting of chic motifs derived from folk art on luxurious fabrics. This collaboration with Ali Sethi beautifully redefines the true tale of affluence and refinement with this enchanting song. Every ensemble that has been handcrafted portrays pristine detailing used along with the richness of craftsmanship that is indigenous to our region while keeping the concept of heirloom and heritage intact.”

Mira Sethi & mother, Jugnu Mohsin team up to launch ‘Souchaj’

The collection is a great insight into the fact that modern women are a force to be reckoned with; women who shoulder responsibilities just as critical as men have, but holding tradition and values above all else. Reflections represents women who are confident, assertive and aggressive but at the same time are very proud of their feminine side and feel honored for it.

Showcasing a range of colors, cuts and styles, Souchaj incorporates the true Pakistani culture in its latest collection, bringing about a palate that is not only diverse but extremely beautiful. Keeping true to the Pakistani roots, this collection has a great vision for the diverse Pakistani cultures. Every piece is timeless and speaks of different cultures telling different stories.

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