Khafa Khafa Zindagi's Teaser is Out & We Want to See More!

What starts as a love tale between Sumbul and Ali, seems to be turning into a complex story of broken relationships.
Updated 11 Nov, 2019 03:41pm

So we are currently on a search of new dramas to get hooked up to as many of our ongoing plays are soon about to end. While on the search, we came across the teasers of upcoming serial Khafa Khafa Zindagi and we must admit we are impressed!

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Ali Safina and Sumbul Iqbal starrer, the drama already looks promising with its brilliant cast and a strong storyline which is surely going to glue us to the screen. Sadia Jabbar's production and Asim Ali’s direction also looks into full play from the first glimpse of teasers which have left us wanting to know more of the drama.

HIP Exclusive: Sumbul Iqbal and Ali Safina pair up for Khafa Khafa Zindagi

What starts as a young love tale between Sara and Nadeem (Sumbul and Ali) in the first teaser, seems to be turning into a complex story of broken relationships and emotional distress.

From the looks of it, Sumbul and Ali are both doing a great justice to their characters and transitions that will come along the story. Where in first teaser you find both immature, chirpy and deeply in love youngsters, the second teaser shows their adult versions who have matured due to the circumstances in life and now have two children involved in their story.

In addition to Ali and Sumbul, the acting of Anas Yaseen (childstar) who is playing the role of their son is also quite impressive. The second teaser in which it seems that Nadeem and Sara will be bound by their children, Anas' acting is undoubtedly something we would like to see more of.

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We are surely intrigued with the promos and Khafa Khafa Zindagi is added in our list of must watch dramas. After all, we are keen to know the tale of Sara and Nadeem who will fall in and out of love, and probably have a happy ending. The drama is soon going to air on A Plus Entertainment Channel and we are looking forward!