Meri Guriya Episode 18-21: Dabeer is Caught but will Justice Get Prevail?
Meri Guriya Episode 18-21: Dabeer is Caught but will Justice Get Prevail?

Meri Guriya Episode 18-21: Dabeer is Caught but will Justice Get Prevail?

The narrative and script is brilliant, thought provoking and gives insight to many hypocrisies within our society!
Updated 23 Sep, 2018 01:12pm

Quick paced episodes with a thrilling element that literally leaves one in awe is one of the primary reasons Meri Guriya is worth your watch. The writer has to be applauded for raising several social issues regarding women throughout this show, sometimes blatantly and other times with more subtlety without getting too preachy.

Albeit that the culprit was always known, the suspense and the thrill of finding him had our heart racing with fear and excitement throughout these episodes. Safeena’s final realization scene about Dabeer was absolutely brilliant. Dabeer’s character is getting intriguing day by day and we are looking forward to know how the writer wants to portray him as the story unfolds.

Is Dabeer a perpetrator who was once a victim? Because most personality disorders are triggered by an environmental factor like a traumatic experience in childhood and it will be fascinating to see how the writer wants to portray Dabeer.

Dabeer had shown “red flags” throughout his life. The fact that these “red flags” were not picked up by his family and friend shows the lack of awareness of mental illnesses. He has a personality disorder that makes him incapable of forming any kind of emotional bonds with anyone, not even his parents or siblings.

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Furthermore, he has a lack of awareness of other people’s feelings and struggles to empathize. Dabeer continues to be manipulative and the predator inside him is always in search of the next prey. Even though he had ran away from the police he still could not control himself when he saw his distant relative’s daughter Adeela where he had found shelter for the night.

The role of a woman is the most frequently discussed topic in the drama, resulting in many harsh arguments between the women involved in Abida’s life.The show makes you think: what IS the role of a woman in our society? Are we following what religion has actually told us or are we blindly following culture in the name of religion? Something to ponder upon.

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چراغ میرے گھر کا بجھا ہے مگر اندھیرا سفینہ کی زندگی میں بھی ہوا ہے, آپکی سفینہ کے برباد ہونے کی خوشی سے زیادہ مجھے اُسکی بربادی کا دکھ ہے Shanaz,an educated intelligent woman,sensible wife and strong mother, each and every reaction she gives are spot on,balanced. the perfectly crafted character of a poor housewife, who stands up with her daughters, who bears her MIL's acid infused curse and taanay,no glamour appeal us required and sania saeed played it skillfully.When she came to know that dabeer is the rapist, the shock on her face,she anathematize herself for teaching only to protect our children and not controlling the stray dogs sneaking into the safe space called home.Roshan is in denial phase" جیسےآپکی عمر بھرکی کمائی کو آگ لگادی گئی اور سمجھ نہیں آ رہا کہ یہ آگ کیسے بجھائی جائے،روشن کا وہ بچہ جسے کمزور سمجھ کر ساری عمر پروٹیکٹ کیا،وہی حیوان نکل آیا،صدیوں کا غرور مٹی میں مل گیا"she feels no sympathy towards the victims families Instead she want her son to be cleared from the label by any means.The SHO when Found out بھگوڑاdabeer said to roshan(she takes food for dabeer and feeding him)"سانپ کو کھانا کھلا رہی ہے تو",when he know that dabeer is with 11year old girl,he rushed with his mother whining,"کسی بھی ایرے غیرے کو انکل بنا کر گھر میں گھسا دیتے ہیں".his gesture proves,humanity is still alive. safina is the one who suffers most and stand strong, she is molested not physically but mentally not once,or twice, unlimited times,by her MIL,mother,daadi,she broke down several times only to recollect herself fir the stronger one,yawar become her true support, the drastic difference between yawar and dabeer is to show the fact, upbringing matters but we can't blame parents completely,personal preference and own nature also affect the behaviour.She was Never supported for the cause she is fighting for but she didn't give up although there is no incentive for her in any way.Dabeer shows mental instability when his mother came to visit him at jail,he has no regrets over the sins he has done,called his sins"mistakes"he will do these mistakes again if he get chance. shanaz say to roshan"بیٹا تو آپکا نجانے کب مر چکا ہے،یہ انسان نہیں ہے بہتر ہو گا آپ اسے دفنا بھی دیں"

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The other issue that has been touched upon with some detail is the “sex education” in our societies. The neighbors were horrified about even bringing up the issue of “sex” or “rape” let alone talk about it with their children in detail.

While Sania Saeed is a natural and it’s always a pleasure seeing her on screen, Mohsin Abbas Haider is definitely the star of the show! With subtle expressions and body language he has portrayed Dabeer with perfection and it's difficult to imagine any other actor portraying this difficult character. Kudos to him for taking a role like this and portraying with utmost perfection!

Dabeer is finally caught and his DNA has matched. His parent’s reaction is expected. How hard it must be to find out that a child you gave birth to is responsible for the rape and death of many little girls! On the other hand, Sheikh Sahab from the neighborhood still wants to prove that Dabeer is not guilty to save his own ego and therefore proposes for Samreen to Rahat (Dabeer’s father) in return for a good lawyer for him. Will he agree? Or will Dabeer be hanged? Or will the writer choose to reveal Dabeer’s back story? To find out, don’t miss the next episode of Meri Guriya.