The best thing about Sui Dhaaga is the indestructible spirit of Mauji and Mamta. The film starts and ends with the dialogue ‘kya kahien sub bharya hai’. There is contentment yet there is satiable hope for the couple. It makes for pleasurable viewing. Director Sharat Katariya weaves story of this adorable couple, who are facing all the hardships of poverty. He perfectly captures the struggles of a starting an entrepreneurial project from the scratch without any startup money.

The world Sharat Katariya has created is full of little sweet victories. The film, especially in the 1st half is able to connect to the viewer. Take few tissue papers with you, if you get emotional easily. Varun Dhawan as Mauji and Anuskha Sharma as Mamta are splendid. Their relationship holds the film together, Mauji as a loving husband, and Mamta as the motivator and an equal partner, make you feel for them. Raghubir Yadav and Yamini Dass as the father and mother of Mauji, are key part of the script.

In the 2nd half, film’s canvas enlarges. It’s about greater and national scale victories. The film changes into a fantasy to a degree. Nevertheless, the director never loses his grip on the story. With charming actors at his disposal, he tells us this tale of courage, love and business.

And so, if you're in mood for a good weekend watch, Sui Dhaaga could be it.