Sanam Baloch Breaks Silence on Divorce With Abdullah Farhatullah
Sanam Baloch Breaks Silence on Divorce With Abdullah Farhatullah

Sanam Baloch Breaks Silence on Divorce With Abdullah Farhatullah

In interview with Samina Peerzada Sanam reflected upon her childhood, sudden marriage, divorce and her vulnerable side
Updated 15 Oct, 2018 03:32pm

Earlier this year there was a speculation of divorce between renowned actress Sanam Baloch and her husband Abdullah Farhatullah. While the couple chose to not comment on the news at the time, Sanam has finally opened up about it.

In an interview Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada, the Dur-e-Shehwar famed actress address the divorce topic.

She said, “Abdullah is a really nice guy and I would always want him to be happy and prosperous, but we are not friends anymore.”

While recalling her sudden friendship with Abdullah that lead to the couple marrying in 2014, Sanam said, “We started working at Samaa together and unexpectedly fell in love, we were best friends and thought that we could spend the rest of our lives like that.”

In the interview Sanam shared an unseen side of her life with Samina. While recalling her childhood – which to date is a narrative of what her elder siblings told her – she said, “My parents separated when I was three-years old, after a huge custody battle everything sorted and we siblings moved in with our mother.”

Adding further she said, “We siblings are each other’s everything. We are uncles and aunts, friends, critiques and best friends. I would always want to be around my siblings leaving everything aside.”

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The actress also mentioned her best friend Haissam Hussain (Balu Mahi director) during the interview. “I can talk to Haissam for hours and hours, and I can talk about Haissam for hours and hours,” she said.

While talking about taking charge of one’s life and appreciating the gift of life Sanam said, “I am a very peaceful person but I can’t let someone dictate me when to sleep, when to eat, what to wear and what to say. I realized it after sometime in life that no I can’t do this to myself, I have to take charge of my life and live it the way I want.”

Sanam also got teary-eyed towards the end of the interview when she shared how much she misses her grandparents, her young cousin and her paternal aunt. She lovingly mentioned her father repeatedly who first disapproved of her acting career but now proudly introduces her in her village.

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