What is Nida Yasir's morning show "Good Morning Pakistan" trying to achieve?

The show saw goading a little child to anger just to get major ratings
Published 24 Oct, 2018 12:12am

Where are the media houses headed? Have we ever paused to think about it? The mindlessness that we get bombarded with every morning, is increasing with every passing day. And yesterday's Nida Yasir's morning show on ARY, perhaps crossed all limits.

Recently, we saw a viral video of a cute pathan child, Ahmed aka 'the baste' kid on social media. Ahmed was invited as a guest on Nida Yasir's morning show, where the poor little fellow was goaded to anger, for the sake of mere TRPs.

Don't you think this act is majorly irresponsible? A mere child, is being made fun of on national television, goaded to get desired reactions out of him, exploited by a leading channel, just for the sake of ratings. What affect will this have on the kid once he grows up or even when he realizes how he was being made fun of in front of thousands of viewers around the world. If Sahir Lodhi's show where he made young girls dance to item numbers was wrong, this too fits the same category, utilizing a child's personality, goading him to react in an ill mannered way, where are the host's or the team's ethics?

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This one morning show or an episode is just another day in the crazy world of media where they fight for ratings. Does anyone care? Do anyone bother? Do we have someone who regulates what is shown and what not?

No. As a matter of fact, these morning shows, and Nida Yasir's is just one of the many, carry on with this TRP race, without any check, balance or guilt.

The social media hasn't taken the latest episode of Nida Yasir's morning show well. Everybody's complaining and they ought to, because whatever transpired with Ahmed on the show was appalling. PEMRA ought to take a notice of this. Its not only the vulgar and bold content that requires policing, its these stupid, unethical programs, which focus on generating ratings at the cost of a child's sanity and personality, which need to be checked, addressed and then held accountable for.