Hip Exclusive: Jari Ali’s Film 'Khuwaish e Natwan' is Based on a Real Story

"Recently we travelled to Thar and there we found the story of this girl and decided to portray it as a film," says Jari
Updated 29 Oct, 2018 01:08pm

Jari Ali, the young Pakistani film maker who took the initiative of making the first ever short film in the genre of army biopic, Sipahi Maqbool Hussain Biopic 335139 The Untold Story, is now all set to venture into the genre of feature films. The teaser of his first feature film is already out and from the looks of it the story seems really intense.Titled Khuwahish-e-Natwah (Desire of The Weak), the movie features Udaari famed little girl Arshea Ali.

The first look short clip shows Arshea as a village girl who seems to be interested in studying. The background music used throughout the 50-second clip captures the attention of the viewers and essays the serious nature of the film.

After watching the captivating short teaser of the film, we connected with Jari Ali to know more about the film.

"The film is about a girl who wishes to study and educate herself but is bound by the customs and narrow minded thinking of the people of her village," Jari revealed giving us a slight hint about the story line.

Jari also revealed that the writer of the film Narmeen Ayaz, influenced him to step into the genre of feature films while he was totally focused on biopics.

"Recently we travelled to Thar Nagar Parkar villages for some documentary stuff and there we found the story of this girl and decided to portray it as a film," Jari added.

Though the director did not reveal much about the story line, the film is based on a very common problem that still exists in villages where girls are kept away from educating and grooming themselves to be able to stand up on their own feet. Hence, it seems to be making a mark on the audiences.

Well, we still have to wait for the final trailer before framing a final opinion about the film. The makers have not yet announced the date of its release but its most probably expected to release next year.

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