Musician Farhad Humayun Diagnosed With Brain Tumor

"It was about 2 weeks ago that I was diagnosed with a brain tumour due to which I suffered a seizure," reveals Farhad
Published 02 Nov, 2018 02:09pm

One of our favourite musician is Farhad Humayun who is a magician when it comes to playing the drums, so his recent post of being diagnosed with a brain tumor about two weeks ago has left us in an utter shock.

A bundle of talent who has had a fantastic career, Farhad began with an underground band called Mindriot to joining Noori and later on forming the group Overload, Farhad has shown no sign of slowing down .

Talking about the tumor Farhad wrote in his social media, "It was about 2 weeks ago that I was diagnosed with a brain tumor due to which I suffered a seizure."

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Now with us not knowing yet whether the tumor is cancerous or not, what we do know is that a surgeon has been found for the operation to take place. Farhad's recent post is both inspiring and emotional as he gears up to come out of this with strength and determination/

"I will be back with more music, videos and art as soon as soon as I get my strength and stamina back and exit these dark skies .I wont slow down or give up or feel sorry for myself," wrote Farhad exhibiting his spirit.

Farhad also thanked his family and friends for their prayers and for supporting him through this difficult phase in life. Here, at HIP we would also like to wish Farhad a speedy recovery as we cant wait to hear some fantastic music from him soon.