Box Office Report: Thugs Of Hindustan Off To An Impressive Start In Pakistan

On day one the film made Rs 1.70 Crore, which happens to be the biggest day one ever for any Diwali release in Pakistan
Published 10 Nov, 2018 01:37pm

One of the movies which we are dying to see is the Amir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starrer Thugs Of Hindustan as it has a stellar cast on board and the trailer kept us literally on the edge of our seats with its larger than life screening. Even though reports coming in from across the border that the movie is actually not as impressive as one had hoped it to be, it seems the Pakistani public has given its approval as it had a fantastic day one in the country.

According to Box Office Detail, the movie has had an impressive start considering that it released on a weekday. Also Thursday, which happens to be the slowest day of the week at the box office, did not affect the release of the film in Pakistan as it is off to an overwhelming opening.

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With the movie expecting to pick up over the weekend so far just on its first day it bought in approximately Rs 1.70 Crore which happens to be the biggest day one ever for any Diwali release in Pakistan.

The story of Thugs of Hindustan dates back to the era of pre-partition and caters both the Pakistani and Indian audiences alike. This action-adventure film is about a thug band with a mission to free Indo-Pak subcontinent from British Raj.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, lets see how the movie fares up in its first weekend here in Pakistan.