HIP Exclusive: George Fulton and Shaniera Akram Chat About Their Hilarious WebShow 'Who Is More Pakistani '

'If the viewers want to see more, then we have a lot coming up for them' reveal George and Shaniera to HIP
Published 05 Dec, 2018 03:49pm

Sitting down on a quiet afternoon and randomly going through the phone to see what all was happening in the world , we came across a small video of George Fulton and Shaniera Akram quizzing one another about who knew which vegetable was which in Urdu. With us curious to know more, we saw the whole thing and were literally laughing throughout as the duo genuinely seemed to love our country and their responses were so spontaneous that we actually saw few more and are now hooked to them.

So how did the entire idea come in to their head's for Who is More Pakistani was something which we really wanted to know as the videos are funny and shows two foreigners who are happy to learn all about our culture, language, food and lots more.

Talking to Shaniera first, who is married to cricketer Wasim Akram and living in Karachi, she replied to our question by saying,

"George and I have been friends for a few years now and we often discussed life in Pakistan and how much we love it. The people, language, food and of course the hospitality, we loved having a laugh together about how we have adapted to the ways of life here in Pakistan and how some things are different back home. So one day we thought it would be fun to translate that on to the screen and so we did."

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With Shaniera also telling us that her and George had more fun off screen too than on, our next question was did they ever imagine that their videos would gain such love in the country once released, to which she said,

"We honestly didn’t know it was going to be so popular. We have had such an overwhelming response and It’s been incredible so far. So many people have been messaging me and reaching out saying they love the show and that means a lot to me because this show has come from our hearts. Both of us have had amazing journeys here and we thought it was time to get together and have a laugh about our experience."

With us super glad that they took this step, we for one are hoping to see the duo again very soon so what all have they planned for the upcoming videos was what we asked George and Shaniera both and they said,

"If the viewers want to see more, then we have a lot coming up for them. Some samosa making, mehndi dancing and maybe even a bit of Pakistani travel, be it by bus, train, plane or camel," they shared and laughed.

We remember George from his reality show on Geo TV called George Ka Pakistan which was a classic at that point in time. Married to a Pakistani called Kiran with whom he also did the Aaj TV's morning show called Kiran Aur George, we are thrilled to see the duo back on this as well.

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Shooting for new episodes, we asked George his reaction to all the love he is receiving for these videos to which he said,

"It is endearing that people are seeing and appreciating us but then again the people of Pakistan are very loving and we both are just trying to show the positive image of the country through our eyes as we love being here."

With new episodes coming out soon on his You Tube channel called Desi George we for one cant wait to see George and Shaniera together again as their antics brighten up our day within seconds.