Balaa Episode 27 & 28 Review: Taimoor might just be coming to his senses!
Balaa Episode 27 & 28 Review: Taimoor might just be coming to his senses!

Balaa Episode 27 & 28 Review: Taimoor might just be coming to his senses!

ilal Abbas Khan and Samina Peerzada were the stars of the show

Published 05 Dec, 2018 04:00pm

The last couple of episodes have set the tone for the upcoming climax. Batool’s unexpected death was a complete shocker and I kept thinking to myself that it must be all Shama’s dream. But that was surely not the case. Junaid in his drunkenness pulled the trigger of his gun and killed Batool, but what happened next left me dumbfounded! How come nobody called the paramedics right away? There was no attempt to resuscitate her. Plus, how come there was no blood in the water? A gun shot wound in the abdomen should’ve cause a pool of blood!

We know Batool’s culprit is not one person but everyone around her is responsible for her death. But the one who actually shot is the one responsible in the end. And Junaid should be held responsible! I don’t feel sorry for him at all! Killing your wife who had a relationship with another man is never justified, not even if it’s proven. And Junaid has made not one but several mistakes, from Zeba to Batool, and the worst part of it all is that he has no remorse whatsoever for killing Batool. Which shows that when he fired the shot, he was well aware of what he was doing and what the consequences would be. I am sick of him playing this sympathy card and I agree with Nigar on this position. He needs treatment for his mental illness and sooner the better, otherwise he may even kill himself with that same gun. I don’t hold Nigar or his father responsible for his plight, because at the end of the day he CHOSE to believe in what he saw without confirming with his wife whom he was so madly in love with (or so he claims). A relationship is built on trust but he did not even give Zeba a chance to explain herself!

Now coming to Taimoor. He’s another Junaid in the making and his end his end might be just as dreadful as Junaid’s if he doesn’t come to his senses ASAP! For God’s sake his mother Shama, who we had thought was the most naive, has grasped the state of affairs, but he continues to be gullible getting entrapped in Nigar’s lies! However, it seems, he's grasping things going around him now and is taking charge. His discovery of the locked cabinets and Nigar's control of the house, might bring back the old Taimoor that we knew.

Also his sister is now suffering from cancer, which Nigar has conveniently concealed. Will the truth come out? And if it does, will it be on time?

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Batool deserves justice no matter how “characterless” they think she was. The society’s nuisance talk or so called “honor” should not deter Shama or Taimoor to seek justice for her. I wished Shama had made it clear to Taimoor in explicit words that Batool’s “love affair” or even “elopement” does not give a right to Junaid to fire a gun at either of one of them and he should be punished for his crime.

Batool was my favorite character in this drama and she will truly be missed! Bilal Abbas Khan and Samina Peerzada were the stars of the show, yet again, and the Ushna Shah has given a commendable performance. The drama is directed very well but the background score could perhaps be tamed a little. Produced by Big Bang Entertainment, Balaa is definitely worth your time!