Dil e Bereham Episode 1 in review: An intense tale of years-long revenge

The story seems very intriguing and intense for now
Updated 09 Jan, 2019 08:42pm

With 2019 kicking off, our local drama industry has also graced us with many new beginnings. We already have a handful of dramas that have just commenced and Saadia Jabbar's Dil e Bereham has successfully joined the bandwagon with its gripping first episode.

As for the storyline, Dil-e-Bereham is a love story which also has revenge at its core. It revolves around a family where two brothers were separated as a result of a conspiracy in the past. Now the daughter of the underprivileged brother, played by Amar Khan comes to take her revenge by marrying her first cousin essayed by Wahaj Ali.

Tabish( Wahaj) and Ayeza (AmarKhan) are newly married. Irsa Ghazal and Behroze Subzwari play Tabish's parents. Maryam Nafees essays Tabish's sister. Apart from these characters, there is a daadi (grandmother) in the house, played by Samina Ahmed, who is shown to be mentally impaired and no one goes to her room. She is taken care by a female attendant.

Ayeza dares to seek permission and pays her a visit. As expected, daadi creates a havoc and Tabish comes to rescue Ayeza. After that her mother-in-law bans Ayeza from going into daadi's room. For the time being she agrees but she makes another attempt to meet daadi. This time she succeeds as she unveils her real identity in front of daadi. She tell her that she is Maani's daughter. On hearing this, daadi becomes overjoyed and embraces her. She also agrees upon having breakfast from Ayeza's hand.

Hence it turns out that Mani is that brother who was separated from the house under a conspiracy and Ayeza's mother in law has some very deep connection to it as she was shaken to the core on knowing that daadi welcomed Ayeza in her room.

However, Ayeza's father in law and husband were overjoyed to know that she made the effort of bringing daadi back to life. So far no one in the family has even a slightest idea of who Ayeza is and why she is here. Even Tabish does not know that she is her cousin.

Dil e Bereham's OST grasps you with its powerful melody!

On the other side of the story is Ayeza's mother played by the graceful Hina Bayat. Basically, she has sent her daughter to the family for taking revenge of her father's death and all the hardships that they have endured due to that 'one incident' which is still not clearly revealed. She tells her that she wants her to ruin the entire house and snatch all happiness from that lady, indicating towards Ayeza's mother in law.

So far, the story seems very intriguing and intense. There are still many secrets in the plot that we believe will keep unveiling with time. The first episode has already left us in sheer curiosity and we are keenly looking forward to the next episode.

Amar Khan and Wahaj Ali make a good onscreen pair and their chemistry in the drama has already become the talk of the town. All in all, this tale of love and revenge, helmed by Bashar Momin famed Syed Ali Raza Osama, stands out for bringing on board a talented cast consisting of both budding and veteran actors.