Defying stereotypes, The Journey Within’ receives special honor in US
Defying stereotypes, The Journey Within’ receives special honor in US

Defying stereotypes, The Journey Within’ receives special honor in US

It discovers the story from Coke Studio's beginnings, living through its spirit to reach the heart of the experience
Updated Jan 12, 2019 08:59pm

An award winning musical documentary on the beginning of the coveted Coke Studio, The Journey Within, continues to break records on the international festival circuit. The film has had over 30 screenings in more than 10 countries across the world and has been now honored as the Best Film to represent the DFW South Asian Film Festival at the prestigious Best of Fests happening in Dallas, Texas.

At a time when Pakistan continues to fall under the shadow of extremism, The Journey Within brings a softer, more creative side of Pakistan to the front. The documentary has been breaking stereotypes by telling the inspiring story of how Coke Studio started, bringing to light the rich and powerful musical heritage of the country. The Journey Within is the first feature length music documentaries to come out of Pakistan and has been enjoying a successful festival run since premiering at the 2015 Full Bloom Film Festival in the US where it also received the coveted ‘Best of Fest’ award from amongst all the films screened.

Among other achievements the film is also the only film to represent Pakistan at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions Conference (the largest interfaith gathering in the world), and has been an official selection at the 2016 San Francisco Independent Film Festival which has been around for 23 years with past participants including Oscar nominees David Lynch and Gus Van Sant. Some other major festivals where The Journey Within has shown are the Orlando Film Festival (2015), Richmond International Film Festival (2016), Seattle South Asian Film Festival – Tasveer (2015), Film Southasia (2015), South Asian Film Festival – UC Davis (2018) and the Beyond Borders International Festival of Literature & Thought (2017).

This musical documentary brings to light how the show came into being in a post 9/11 Pakistan, under acclaimed producer Rohail Hyatt and a group of musicians/artists who were able to use the platform to undertake a much needed quest for self-identity. The process allowed them to explore the sounds of this land and help reclaim the rich and vast musical heritage of this region, culminating into an effort which became one of the biggest music initiatives from South Asia; bringing together unique cultural experiences and genres, including but not limited to folk, sufi, rock, pop and rap music. The film discovers the story from the show’s humble beginnings, living through its spirit to reach the heart of the experience, as artists unify eastern and western sounds to make music that will resonate across the globe, impacting all involved and planting the seeds for an ongoing inward reflection towards who we are as individuals and as a people.

Documenting The Coke Studio Journey

The Journey Within has been directed by award winning Director/Producer Mian Adnan Ahmad. Mian Adnan Ahmed is a renowned Pakistani filmmaker who received multiple accolades for his short film, HEAL. Other key crew includes Dani Sanchez-Lopez (Cinematographer), Yukako Shimada (Editor), Saad Hassan Khan and Adeel Babree (Sound Recording), Mian Nauman Ahmad Kakakhel (DIT/Technical Lead), Jeffrey Rhoten (Sound Design), Adil Hashmi and Juan Carlos Diaz (Associate Producers) and Nasir Mehmood (Line Producer)

The Journey Within will now screen at the Best of Fests at 1:00pm on January 13th at the Cinépolis in Victory Park, Dallas