Xulfi urges people not to compare little Hadia with Abida Parveen

"Let her find her own person," Xulfi
Published 06 Feb, 2019 11:51pm

The fifth season of Nescafe Basement has started with a bang. This year, 73 new musicians and performers are showcased. The first episode of the show featured incredible performances and songs. Among these superb musicians was an 8 year-old music prodigy, Hadia Hashmi, who has mesmerized the entire country with her harmonious voice. She collaborated with Soch the band on the Sufi song, Bol Hu.

She was discovered by the producer, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, when she came to audition at his music academy. Zulfi was impressed by her, and decided that the world should witness her talent.

And Zulfi was not wrong in doing so. After just one performance, Hadia Hashmi has cast a spell on everyone with her captivating and powerful voice, that people have started comparing her with the legend, Abida Parveen. However, Zulfi does not agree with this comparison.

He took to social media to express his views about it. He wrote, “This is a personal and humble request to everyone. Let’s not put this in Hadia’s mind that she’s the next Abida Parveen. Let her find her own person.” He further wrote, “I regard the sentiment that talks about this connection and I respect it. After all, Abida Jee is one of the best artists our country has produced. But for the kid’s sake, I feel it’s important to not put definite goals in her head at this tender age. Thank you.”

Although it is a great honour to be compared to a legend like Abida Parveen at such a young age, Zulfi is right on his stance. Every artist has their own style and capabilities.

It seems like a big expectation from her to match up to Abida Parveen. Hadia has a long way to go and a lot to learn. However, we hope that we see more of her in upcoming episodes of the show.