Nabeel Shaukat Ali woos with the OST of Juda Na Hona

The singer has lend his voice for the title track of the play starring Mansha Pasha and Shahroz Sabzwari
Updated 19 Feb, 2019 12:24am

The first song that we actually heard by Nabeel Shaukat Ali was Bewajah on Coke Studio. We then became his loyal fans as his voice is one of those rare ones which has been trained properly and can add emotions to whatever track he picks. Be it a love song or a peppy track, Nabeel hardly disappoints.

With us still in love with the OST of Tabeer which he sang so beautifully, the singer has lend his voice to another OST once again and this time it is the Mansha Pasha - Shahroz Sabzwari starrer Juda Na Hona for TV One.

Written by Sabir Zafar and composed by Wajid Saeed, the OST is an emotional track which captures the feel of people in love and how they struggle to stay together.

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Now where the song may not be as good as the one he sang for Tabeer, Nabeel's voice however compels you to hear it more than once as he sings from the heart and that automatically draws you towards the song especially in this case.

So with us liking the OST of Juda Na Hona, we hope Nabeel releases a fun track too as his voice is one of the bests we have heard in a while.