Mahesh Bhatt Thrashed the War Mongering Indian Media

After war provoking tweets by famous Bollywood celebrities, Mahesh Bhatt says No to War...
Published 01 Mar, 2019 04:01pm

In the ongoing Indo-Pakistan crisis, besides the tension on the Line of Control, we have also come across the war of words between the residents of both the nations, on electronic and social media. The stance by Pakistani news channels on the current situation is highly appreciated by Pakistanis and Indians. The Indian jingoism on the other hand is not only criticized by Pakistanis, but also by the natives of India. Mahesh Bhatt the renowned film maker on twitter has shown his anger on the Indian media for its war glorifying coverage which is condemnable on all levels.

After the Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control on the night of 26th February, Indian media and many of their celebrities celebrated the false news of killing of about 350 people in Pakistan by Indian Air Force. After the retaliation of Pakistani air force the next day which resulted in destruction of two Indian jets and capture of an Indian pilot the matter is given a continuous hype by Indian media emboldening their army for war.

On this, the popular Indian Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt supported the #SayNotoWar campaign, and on Thursday in a tweet, he thrashed the media for its war mongering coverage,

Before this, many famous Bollywood actors, from Priyanka Chopra to Salman Khan were engaged in war provoking tweets. This tweet by a senior film producer seems to be a message for their media and war mongers that let better sense prevail.