Mahira Khan and Fakhar-e-Alam React on Insulting Remark by Punjab’s Minister

#SackFayyazUlHasan became the top twitter trend in Pakistan.
Updated 05 Mar, 2019 10:39pm

In the current situation between India and Pakistan for the uphold of territorial integrity and national sovereignty, whole Pakistan was on the same page to fight against terrorism, putting all their religious, cast, linguistic and other differences aside. In such circumstances, any statement that provokes hate between the inhabitants of Pakistan is condemnable at all levels.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is not only a state for the Muslims, but for Pakistanis. The biggest minority of Pakistan are Hindus, consisting of about 1.6 per cent, making it approximately 8 million Hindus, that are residing in Pakistan. The non-Muslim community represented by the white part in the flag of Pakistan, is undoubtedly as patriotic as any Muslim.

During every uncertainty between India and Pakistan, be it on political or on sports ground, the hyperactive population of adjoining states starts naming it a fight between Hindus and Muslim without thinking that these neighboring states contain populaces of both the religion residing in them.

In the ongoing fiasco between India and Pakistan, the Punjab’s minister of Information and culture Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan, who was probably trying to make a statement against India, made a reckless statement regarding Hindus, forgetting about their population in Pakistan.

He called them cow urine drinking people, and idol worshippers, To this, besides the politicians, the celebrities, and the common people of Pakistan also stood up for their fellow countrymen, #SackFayyazUlHasan became the top trend in Pakistan.

The diva Mahira Khan came forward and demanded an action against the hate promoter.

The actor, VJ, Host and singer Fakhar-e-Alam also apologized to all the minorities for the irresponsible remark by the minister,

Fayyaz-ul-Hasan is sacked by the PTI government, and this step is highly appreciated by Pakistanis, giving a message to the world that Pakistanis stand by each other in the time of crisis.