Hip Exclusive: The Trial will be an Epic Cinematic Experience - Shamoon Abbasi
Hip Exclusive: The Trial will be an Epic Cinematic Experience - Shamoon Abbasi

Hip Exclusive: The Trial will be an Epic Cinematic Experience - Shamoon Abbasi

Shamoon to be seen as the Bengali Army General in Kamran Shahid's debutante...
Updated Mar 27, 2019 07:23pm

Helmed by debutante director Kaman Shahid, it stars Mikaal Zulfiqar, Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Omer, Sadia Khan, and Aly Khan. The film is based on one of the most tragic chapters in the history of Pakistan (fall of Dhaka 1971) and depicts the sacrifices and struggles who lived through that era.

Speaking to HIP Shamoon said: "I play a Bengali Army General of Mukti Bahini (Bangladesh liberation army). The script had me hooked and I was deeply affected by the historical backdrop, it was challenging to get into the skin of the character with the right accent, at the same time portraying it in the most honest way possible. It took some time for the makers to complete the film, but I was always super excited to reach the sets and enjoyed every bit of my part. As an actor I look for adventures in my roles be it physically or emotionally, I want to explore myself as an actor in every possible way"

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He adds: Historical films dish up as encyclopedias, the best way to capture true emotional weight of historical events for viewers to obtain a great deal of their historical knowledge wrapped around a high dose of entertainment. Most people have been aware of the Indo-Pak history (1947) but with 'The Trial' the audience would surely witness the real aspects of the historic Bangladesh liberation war.

Abbasi further said: The cinematographers have really shot this film par excellence. They have captured every frame in the most grandiosity way. The USP of the film is the sheer dedication of writer/director Kamran Shahid's fervor that will transport the audience into the era (literally) which no filmmaker has attempted to explore in Lollywood till date. We have wrapped up the shoot, as of now the film is in the post-production. The trailer will be out soon.

Shamoon Abbasi over the years has become a reliably solid actor known for his intense roles in the movies. He is known for his acting skills as he camouflages his character so much that it'll be his acting which will lift up the movie. Recently the Waar actor was awarded the 'Best Actor' (film) at the 4th Icon of the Nation Award 2019. The actor was jubilant and said: "It is a moment of pride for sure. I feel unbiased award shows shall be encouraged as it keeps an actor motivated to come up with their best work. The audience is the best jury that determines our right and wrong moves. All in all awards and rewards really make you feel happy".

The actor in his signature candor style concluded the conversation by giving us an update about his upcoming projects and said: "I have been absent from the screen since quite long, therefore, really looking forward to 2019 as I had a busy 2018. The audience will surely like the variety in my work with *'Durj', Chaudhry, 'Ishrat' (Made in China) and a couple of international projects amongst one is for Netflix as well".*

'The Trial' a historical saga is slated to release this year.