A Petition Filed in Punjab Assembly to Bring Back Ashir Azeem with Dignity

We hope our Nation’s Star comes back to his homeland...
Published 28 Mar, 2019 05:46pm

Widely recognized Ashir Azeem who rose to fame through the television series “Dhuwan” and later through the political-thriller film “Maalik”, left his homeland Pakistan very disappointed.

“Maalik” was written, produced and directed by the extremely talented Ashir Azeem, but the film faced a strong backlash from various political figures and it was held under the Censor Boards of Pakistan due to political reasons. However, the ban was lifted later but Ashir had to go through a lot of controversies and financial losses.

Ashir has also worked as a Pakistani civil servant but in 2015 he was being investigated for “corrupt practices and misuse of authority in awarding a contract for computerization of the FBR department to a foreign company.” On 14th July’2018 Ashir Azeem tweeted the reason why he left Pakistan.

He also confirmed the rumor that he is not just driving a truck in Canada, but he is also proud of what he is doing.

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On 27th March’2019, Seemabia Tahir, member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and the Member of Punjab Assembly tweeted “The resolution of the film owner's authorization and demand of bringing great honor to Pakistan is submitted in Punjab Assembly. The resolution was submitted by the PTI member and the member of Punjab Assembly, Seemabia Tahir. The House thinks that the drama serial "smoke" and the creator of the movie "Maalik" is a great patriot Pakistani.”

The resolution quotes that, “The provincial assembly feels that Punjab is a great patriot of the drama serial "Dhuwan" and creator of the movie "Maalik".

It further says that after passing the examination test, Ashir honestly served the services of Pakistan Customs. He belongs to the Christian religion and the love of Pakistan is so rich in them that they always make their introduction as a Pakistani.

In fact, the famous dialogue of his film is that "I am the citizen of Pakistan, I am the owner of Pakistan."

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In huge regard of Ashir Azeem, the petition also says that “This House also understands Ashir, the author, and director of "Maalik" made the film to awaken the awareness of the people of Pakistan. This House also believes that despite the great work of honesty, the cases were made in the most inquiry. But they proved to be honorable in all inquiries and cases. After which he resigned from an important role in Pakistan customs that he has lost this system. Today, a great person is trying to drive a loan in Great Canada, which is a bright example of honesty.”

The federal government has demanded that the patriotism of Pakistan should be brought back to Pakistan, and restore it to Pakistan customs. And allow the film "Maalik" to be broadcast without censoring them.

We hope that our Nation’s Star comes back to his Homeland and keep making his contributions to the Pakistani Entertainment Industry.