Sonya Hussyn Voices her Opinion Over Sohail Javed/Jami Fiasco

Sonya denied that the reason behind leaving the project Sorry: A Love Story was because of these recent events...
Published 31 Mar, 2019 08:44pm

Sonya Hussyn, with her effortless charm and chiseled features is the ultimate girl-next-door for Pakistan's television screens. She has proved her mettle with some amazing performances in Meri Guriya and Aisi Hai Tanhai and lately in Aangan. She also has a few films to her credit and is currently shooting for a new film Tich Button. Sonya was also part of Sorry: A Love Story, a joint production of Faisal Qureshi and Sohail Javed, but she opted out of it and took up Tich Button instead.

Since the time she opted out of the film, there have been speculations that Sonya left the project because of the recent controversy Sohail Javed has been involved in. Filmmaker Jami Mahmood had read out a letter of an anonymous sexual abuse survivor at the Lahooti Melo in which an industry person was accused of the assault. Sohail Javed felt that the letter hinted towards his involvement and when Jami did not deny it, a case was filed by Sohail Javed against Jami.

"Sonya Hussyn no longer part of film Sorry: A Love Story," confirms Faysal Qureshi

While talking to Instep, Sonya denied that the reason behind leaving the project Sorry: A Love Story was because of these recent events. However, she gave her opinion on the matter: “I think it’s a very sensitive matter. I’ve worked with Jami bhai and Sohail both, and they’ve both been very supportive and respectful towards me. I think being in the industry, I know that sexual harassment is very real, I’ve been in situations where I had to defend myself, so I believe in equipping girls in saying no.” She added that, “As far as this letter goes, I think it’s important for us to take names clearly so all of us are mindful of the predators that surround us in the industry; there’s no other way.”

Regarding, leaving the film Sorry, she also said that there were some creative differences over a couple of scenes between her and the producers, so she very amicably decided to opt out of it and take up Qasim Ali Mureed’s Tich Button.