HIP Reviews Kamzarf Episode 14: Ali Ansari Plays the Character of a Classic Brother

Ali Ansari is getting better with each project he signs and he brings his own charm to the drama Kamzarf...
Published 03 Apr, 2019 02:38pm

After a tiring day one of our favourite thing to do is sit in front of the television with a nice cup of tea and watch our favourite drama which last night happened to be Kamzarf which saw Aima played by Nadia Khan eager to get married so she could get away from her siblings who were now all grown up and busy leading their own lives making her feel that she was no longer wanted .

Written by Seema Munaf, she has shown a character like Aima who is too dominating and doesn't let anyone enjoy their fun moments but rather she always finds something or another to ruin the moment for everyone. Now if we had a sibling like this we would be annoyed to the maximum as well but the beauty with Aima's brothers and sister are that they bear with her out of respect but last night saw that even they were reaching their limit with her and we totally understand that.

So what took place in the latest episode of kamzarf ? Well read along to find out in case you missed it last night.

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A relatively slow episode which focused more on Mona and her love for Zeeshan, there wasn't anything exciting in it except for the fact that she gets caught by her brother Asim played by Ali Ansari as she is on the roads with Zeeshan, but if you are thinking that he is angry with her well he initially was but then calms down and agrees to meet Zeeshan much to our delight.

Handling the situation like a mature person , one thing which we like about Kamzarf script is that rest of the characters besides Aima have a sensible head on their shoulders and don't over react on situations as she does but with the drama having progressed we have noticed that Aima portrays that she is a strong person but in reality she is insecure hence chasing a loser character played by Alyy Khan who is already married and just with her for the sake of her money but she is not aware of this and we hope she finds this out soon!

Directed by Zeeshan Ahmed, each episode is well edited and shot in a very realistic manner with full focus on the story instead of making sure that the sets were lavish and characters all decked up, but one thing which we would like to point here is that we hope the story becomes engaging once again as last nights episode seemed like a repetition of what we already know so far.

Talking about our favourite moment from the episode was the scene between Ali Ansari and Junaid Khan who are playing brothers in the drama and the way they were interacting with one another showed their brilliant chemistry which actually made you think that these were in fact real brothers talking to one another.

Check out the episode here:

So with great actors on board for Kamzarf we hope next weeks episode is a thrilling one as having seen the promo it seems that Asim is going to find out about Aima's secret boyfriend which she has been hiding from them for a long time.