Marjorie Husain Bids Goodbye to Pakistan After 60 Years

Marjorie Husain is bidding farewell to Pakistan after 60 years...
Published 05 Apr, 2019 03:47pm

In the 60's, Marjorie Husain and her husband, Hamid Husain moved to Pakistan from the UK. At that time, they both were art students and so, they set to explore the local art community. Initially, Marjorie was known as an exceptional artist but with the passage of time, she gained popularity as prominent critic. Remembering the initial years, Marjorie said, “Those were interesting times. There was vibrancy and a palpable energy running through the art world – a small and talented group with a distinct individual style. There was Jamil Naqsh, Saeed Akhtar, Masood Kohari and Bashir Mirza. And there was the Lahore Group. The young emerging talent painted with a passion and sold art for a bare minimum.”

However, now Marjorie Husain is bidding farewell to Pakistan after 60 years. On March 21st, her husband, Hamid Husain passed away and that was when Marjorie decided to move back to England. On Tuesday, Canvas Art Gallery held a tea party in honour of Marjorie Husain. Among the attendees were renowned artist of Pakistan including Wahab Jaffer, Mehr Afroz, Abdul Jabbar Gul and Amin Gulgee. There were many art enthusiasts, critics and fans of Marjorie who attended the tea party. Marjorie Husain welcomed everyone with a smile and thanked them for the farewell party. The agenda of the evening was to remember the tireless and vigorous efforts made by Marjorie for the art community and the artists. This unforgettable evening left some of the attendees teary-eyed.

Marjorie Husain has provided her services for the promotion of art and artists for six decades. Apart from being an art critic, Marjorie is a curator, lecturer, and author of several books including Aspect of Art and The last of Bohemians Bashir Mirza. She was also one of the founding members of the first commercial art gallery of Pakistan, opened by Bashir Mirza in 1965. Although she is leaving Pakistan, her great efforts and love for Pakistani artists will never be forgotten.