Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas’ Fun Take on the Indo-Pak Tension

The song sung by Asma Abbas and Bushra Ansari is a satirical take on the current conditions of the two states...
Updated 05 Apr, 2019 06:21pm

The dynamic sister duo of Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas proves that, in some cases, talent does run in the family. The veteran actresses have outdone themselves this time, as they do their trademark fun take on the growing tensions between the two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan. The sisters teamed up on a fun new musical video, Hamsaye Maa Jaye where they rap against the notions of war and borders, singing as two common woman who are so much alike but are separated by a man made wall.

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Written by Neelam Ahmed Bashir and produced by Bushra Ansari, the song is a satirical take on the current conditions of the two states, who are fighting a losing battle. The women from the two countries, divided by two walls, smile sweetly to the camera as they juxtapose what the people of both the nations feel midst of all this tension, with a catchy chorus singing to their “sweet neighbor”.

The sisters, dressed in bright traditional shalwar qameez sing away the common man’s worries about the nuclear threat, and the desire to be with their neighbors without any fear. The lyrics subtly hint at the propaganda media has been creating, pitching the people of the two nations against each other, as Bushra Ansari sings “I have heard on TV that you are my enemy”. Bushra Ansari and Asma Abbas play the Indian and Pakistani neighbor, separated by walls but dressed in the same attire, living in the same conditions, burdened under the weight of similar problems. Their verses hint towards the fact that the average Indians and Pakistanis do not care for petty politics, they want peace and friendship, but war mongering and politics has drove them apart. In the video, Asma Abbas shrugs off the news of trouble between the two countries, saying “It’s nothing, just politics playing games.”

By far, the satirical work of art is the most fun take on the Indo-Pak tensions. The song delivers a message of peace and harmony in a beautiful and light hearted way. The music video was released on Bushra Ansari’s official YouTube account with the description “a music video that goes beyond war and borders to the hearts of people living so close, and yet so far away."