The Motorcycle Girl Now Streaming on Iflix

The news was shared by its leading actress Sohai Ali Abro and we couldn't be more excited for her and the entire team...
Published 06 Apr, 2019 01:44pm

Last year saw the release of the Sohai Ali Abro starrer The Motorcycle Girl which was based on the true-life story of the boundary-breaking Zenith Irfan who set off on her motorcycle at the age of 20 to conquer the highlands of northern Pakistan. With the movie has received a lot of love from the critics but not much from the box office, now it seems it is all set to woo the digital world as well as it is now streaming on Iflix!

Yes guys with the news shared by Sohai herself on social media, we for one are thrilled about it as it was a movie which deserves to be seen by mass majority.

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Directed by Adnan Sarwar, it was In an earlier statement, about essaying the character of Zenith that Sohai had shared her excitement and honor to be playing the part by saying,

"The role of this incredible, empowering female is one thing I can relate to and is close to my heart. I have always believed in the power of liberating women, especially considering the taboos we face in our society. I am really happy that a lot of young girls will be able to look up to me for doing something positive and inspiring,".

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The biopic also features Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Samina Peerzada and Shamim Hilali to name a few and with it now on Iflix many congratulations to everyone associated with it from all of us here at the HIP!