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Hip Reviews Shameless Proposals Episode 2: Are You Fed up of ‘Tharki’ Men?

New webisode offers interesting commentary on shameless ‘Tharki’ behavior...
Updated 09 Apr, 2019 02:32pm

To all the Pakistani women out there – have you been at the receiving end of shenanigans of a Tharki male? Chances are you likely have. Whether it is the lecherous stares, sharing inappropriate selfies or downright offensive touchy-feely behavior, women in Pakistan inadvertently will bump into these creatures – on the streets, in the workplace, or even at home in the form of a rishta seeker.

If you never found the courage to put these tharkis in their place or are just wondering what is the right way to deal with these cretins from the salacious dimension, worry no more. You need to watch Shameless Proposals’ second installment, which features our female protagonist putting one such tharki right where he belongs!

Although at times the street language mouthed by tharki character is a bit difficult to understand, you will get the general idea watching the events unfold on screen. We begin with the tharki larka, out to get a Rishta, hitting on literally all the women present around him. You see, this guy definitely does not discriminate on age, marital status, etc. at all. All he cares about is about fulfilling his lust.

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As is often the case, the girls’ family (and the society generally) find his behavior perfectly acceptable since he is being a typical mard and will thus take good care of their daughter after marriage. Even the girl’s father pressures his daughter against her reluctance into meeting him. Well, they are in for a surprise! The daughter needs no introduction for our tharki confesses to knowing everything about her courtesy social media. He then proceeds to blame the women around him for his lewd behavior without any shame.

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At this juncture, our heroine has had enough and takes a stand, venting her anger in an intelligent diatribe, correctly blaming men like him for restricting women’s freedom of movement and for just reducing them to physical objects without care or regard for their other abilities. The ending is a bit of a shocker, which you will have watch the episode to find out.

All in all, the second episode of this Saadia Jabbar production handles the issue of male-entitlement head on, with intelligent commentary on how men literally prowl around the streets scot-free, without care or regard for their behavior i.e. staring, ogling and making lewd gestures and whoever they want. It is a hot button issue which we as a society need to urgently address – that women in a public place are not public property.

The writing by Saji Gul and Atlas is spot on, with the girl’s household serving as a microcosm for the society at large. The awkward and uncomfortable situations encountered by women are appropriately depicted and the show also provides some advice on how such men need to be handled. Shameless Proposals is easily available on YouTube and the relatively short play time means you can easily catch this during lunch break or whenever you have some moments to spare.

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