Pemra Wants ISPR Nod to Ex-military Officials to Go on TV talk shows

TV channels are instructed to first take clearance from ISPR before inviting the retired armed forces officers...
Published 08 Apr, 2019 01:24pm

Operations Wing of The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has issued a notice on 4th of April to All News and Current Affair TV Channels. In the notice, the TV channels are instructed to first take clearance from Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) before inviting the retired armed forces officers in the news and current affair programmes as “Defense Analyst” The notice from the Media regulator says that it has observed that the Retired Military Officers are frequently invited to News and Current Affair Programmes as “Defense Analyst” to give their views on matters related to National Security and related affairs.

The notification said: “All news/current affairs TV channels are requested that retired armed forces officers may only be invited as Defence Analyst for discussion on military matters with prior clearance from ISPR. Subsequently, same (has) to be done prior to the first appearance of any officer as Defence Analyst.”

It further says, "Such invitees are usually not fully conversant/abreast with the latest Defense and Security Developments due to their service background and post-retirement time." The media watchdog also states that the discussions switch from security matters to political matters with is felt undesirable.

The News Channels are instructed to follow the command by PEMRA and only invite Defense Analysts for discussions on Military matters by seeking prior clearance from ISPR. If the officers are invited to discuss matters other than security, they will be titled "Analysts" only. “Strict compliance” is expected from all TV channels on this matter.