HIP Reviews Shameless Proposals Episode 3: Isha Noor does Well as the Rebellious Girl

The third episode brings the show's heroine face to face with a mama's boy and his domineering mom...
Updated 14 Apr, 2019 12:09am

Sadia Jabbar Production's 'Shameless Proposals’ mini-webisodes have so far done a decent job questioning society’s age-old patriarchal traditions pertaining to the Rishta culture. The first episode saw our heroine, the show’s rather fierce beti putting her macho suitor right where he belongs, while the second one saw her hand some well-needed wisdom in a priceless rant to the stereotypical tharki.

The series’ third installment brings the family’s daughter face to face with the third variant in the Rishta culture. However, before she gets to face her potential in-laws, our heroine has her mouth muzzled by her very own mother, because well, traditions demand that she sticks to the script, and not really speak her mind. Coming back to the prospective groom, he turns out to be a mama’s boy, and well, we all know how they are and in what varieties they come – suitably ensconced between his domineering mother and the henpecked husband, we find our lad happily seeking out the girl, listing out his expectations and demands – all of them that are centered around keeping his omnipresent mother happy.

And well, he doesn’t get to do much of the talking anyway, when mom is in charge. She makes it clear that life for the couple after marriage would strictly revolve around her, and that her potential daughter in law should have no fantasies about being the center of attention of her mollycoddled son.

As is the norm in the series, by this point our heroine is ready to fly off in her rant. She throws away the muzzle, and vents of all the inner rage that has been building up while she quietly listened. A lot of this is directed at the boy’s mother. The girl quite correctly points out the inherent hypocrisy in her expectations from her after marriage i.e. she equally deserves to have the mama’s boy on a leash if that is what his mother managed to do herself. And of course, all of this done in the show’s typical over the top manner, eliciting a few laughs.

Thankfully, unlike the previous ones, the current episode is free of any physical altercations. However, the potty humor and at times indecipherable jibes bring the graph of the proceedings a few notches down. It could be argued that the show could get its message across without resorting to unnecessarily colorful language, but I guess that is pretty much the point here, to bring out the bottled up rage against some very questionable social norms and practices.

On the acting front, the cast generally puts in a good show. Especially noteworthy are the performances from the prospective Saas and the suitor. Isha Noor, playing the daughter who has to bear all the Rishta madness does a decent job, too.

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