HIP Interviews: Shamoon Abbasi Goes Digital with 'The Legend of Jawed Iqbal'
HIP Interviews: Shamoon Abbasi Goes Digital with 'The Legend of Jawed Iqbal'

HIP Interviews: Shamoon Abbasi Goes Digital with 'The Legend of Jawed Iqbal'

I am the founder of Web series in Pakistan: says Shamoon...

Published 15 Apr, 2019 07:27pm

Shamoon Abbasi has over the years has made a mark with the variety of characters he portrayed on screen and won hearts of millions across all spheres. He made a steady rise by going strength to strength and proved himself to be one of the most distinctive and trusted actors of Pakistan. His calendar is packed with films like 'Durj' 'Chaudhry' 'Ishrat' and 'The Trail' and now he makes his debut in the digital world with 'The legend of JAWED IQBAL'. The talented actor is all set to surprise the audience in 2019.

Taking to Twitter, Abbasi made announced his web series and wrote:

The most notorious serial killer of Pakistan, had a story to tell. How many of us know it? 'The legend of JAWED IQBAL' a web series from Pakistan that narrates a bone-chilling journey of a serial killer that killed exactly 100 children and surrendered himself Who was JAWED IQBAL?

HIP got in touch with Shamoon to know more

He started the conversation by setting the record straight: Not many are aware of the fact that I was the one who introduced web series in Pakistan with #6dapak in 2017. In the series, ‘Mey Rahungi’ bagged four awards at CFF Virginia Chapter. (smiles).

Swiftly moving on, he said: "The urban legend of Jawed Iqbal was in my mind since quite a while. Jawed became one of the most notorious serial killers of all times in Pakistan. He was a commoner blending into the world that became one of the main reasons that Iqbal wasn't caught in the entire process. There are thousands of films and documentaries made on the subject of serial killers on celluloid from various parts of the world, for example, 'The Ted Bundy Tapes'. The audiences are keen to watch such subjects as it unfolds the human psychology. They give us an angle of learning about the issues that became legendary crimes in society. It's a global process to bring such dark subjects at the celluloid.

Talking about the cast, he said: "I am playing the title role of 'Jawed Iqbal' as well as directing it too. As a director, I tend to stay within the reality of the society instead of depicting the unreal side that has been an established norm in the industry over the past few years. I can't talk much about the cast as we are in the process of finalizing the actors under my production SHAAM FILMS. The shooting will commence from the mid of this month. I am excited and look forward to it as the core narrative has different perspectives to be explored, also this particular web series will surely have an added advantage of the vintage factor."

According to Shamoon: "Some of the leading international web platforms have shown a keen interest in the series. I can't reveal the names as they will soon claim their association with the project."

The world of web series is far more engaging and realistic in terms of content. If you're done with watching melodramatic stuff on television, web series are surely your cup of tea.