Rafi Peer Sufi Festival all Set to Rock Lahore

The festival is being organized by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, bringing together shining singers and Sufi stars...
Updated 16 Apr, 2019 07:01pm

Like every year, Rafi Peer Sufi festival is all set to rock Lahore this year too. The 3-day Mystic Music Sufi Festival will begin from April 18 to 21 at the Packages Mall, Lahore. The festival is being organized by the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW), bringing together shining singers and Sufi stars from all over Pakistan.

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The music festival, in addition to the legendary Abida Parveen, will feature Shafqat Amanat Ali, Sanam Marvi, Sain Zahoor, Hadiqa Kiani, Mughal e Funk, Khumariyan, Mian Miri Qawwals and many more.

The festival will start on April 18 and will last till the 21st at the Packages Mall from 7 PM onwards. Mystic Music Sufi Festival is one of the most celebrated events of Pakistan that provides an amazing experience to enjoy the best musicians and traditions of Pakistan.

The event is one of a kind that brings together Sufi artists from various corners of Pakistan and from a variety of cultures and disciplines from across Pakistan. It joins them as one to create a magnificent showcase that promotes peace, tolerance, harmony and compassion and celebrate the true spirit of artistic expression in mysticism.

The Mystic Music Sufi Festival is a beautiful combination of music, poetry, thoughts, and philosophies. The three-day event is able to draw a lot of crowds to the festival. The artist line up for the first day is shared below:

With Hadiqa Kiani, Sanam Marvi, Faiz Chisti Qawwal, Pappu Sain, Salman Amjad Amanat Ali and others performing on the first day, the first night of the festival is going to be a totally mystical one. The highlight of the music festival and one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music in Pakistan i.e. Abida Parveen is also set to enchant the audience during the next two nights.