Asif Raza Mir Joins HBO London
Asif Raza Mir Joins HBO London

Asif Raza Mir Joins HBO London

Asif Raza Mir joins a series for HBO London, confirms his wife Samra Raza Mir.

Updated Apr 17, 2019 06:15pm

When Indian actors started working in Hollywood, they became renowned internationally. All eyes were on India and it became a hub of activity for international filmmakers. Their celebrities started gaining a fan following worldwide. At that time, Pakistan entertainment industry was still struggling to make their own films. However, times are changing and Pakistani actors are the newest choice for international filmmakers and television networks.

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Recently, news came out that the ace actor, Asif Raza Mir, has signed a TV series with the American premium cable television network, HBO. The news was confirmed when his wife, Samra Raza Mir posted a screenshot related to it. It is a 10-episode series based in the United Kingdom. Reportedly, the cast includes actors like Ray Panthaki, David Bradley and Paapa Essiedu. Although the details about the story and release date have not been revealed yet, it was reported that the story revolves around a number of international gangs taking over modern-day London.

Previously, the series was called Gangs of London but it has been changed now and is called London. Asif Raza Mir is one of the most tremendous actors in Pakistan and has been since the 80's. He is best known for his work in Tanhaaiyan, Darwaza and Samundar.

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Judging from the previous shows made by HBO, it is safe to say that this series will be an exciting one. The fact that Asif Raza Mir is a part of it makes it even more special for Pakistanis. After Ahad Raza Mir’s play, Hamlet, this news had thrilled the fans of Mir family!

Although Asif Raza Mir is most famous for his incredible performances in TV dramas, he has appeared in several Pakistani films as well. We cannot wait to see him in London and will be anxiously waiting for it.