Ali Gul Pir’s “Sorry” – a Song Set to Make a Difference
Ali Gul Pir’s “Sorry” – a Song Set to Make a Difference

Ali Gul Pir’s “Sorry” – a Song Set to Make a Difference

Ali Gul Pir the famous rapper pens his feelings down...

Published Apr 23, 2019 03:03pm

Ali Gul Pir is known for his rapping sensations, his acting, and comedy. With a little humor, he always shows us the world in a comical way. His new song, however, is an exception.

His tweet alerted his fans about this.

He, then, went live on Samaa TV to discuss this song.

There, he revealed how facing anxiety attacks a few years back, had made him realize that it was actually a reflection of the guilt he felt. Stigmatized, as a child, from a broken family, Ali Gul Pir had always felt ashamed and guilt-ridden. It is in this song, that he brings this issue forward. “Children should not blame themselves for their parents’ divorce,” emphasized the rapper, while talking to Samaa. He believes that it is important for a couple going through a divorce to sit their children down and discuss it with them.

The lyrics of the song itself, are heartbreaking, as his fans agree. The chorus, especially, really hits the listener.

While on Samaa TV, Ali Gul Pir also admitted having deliberately not spent a lot on the video, because the money raised went to an orphanage, Sirat-ul-Jannah kids. He hoped that his song would help start a discussion on the labeling of children from divorced families.