HIP Reviews Do Bol Episodes 19-22: Affan and Hira's On-Screen Chemistry is Flawless
HIP Reviews Do Bol Episodes 19-22: Affan and Hira's On-Screen Chemistry is Flawless

HIP Reviews Do Bol Episodes 19-22: Affan and Hira's On-Screen Chemistry is Flawless

With so much going on in this week's episodes of Do Bol, Affan Waheed and Hira Mani's on-screen chemistry nails it...

Published Apr 25, 2019 04:47pm

Do Bol has really taken a 180-degree turn, from slow and boring it has become very fast paced, and there is A LOT happening. At this point, it is very hard to keep up with the multiple storylines, which does take some of the charms out of the drama.

Almost every character is going through some struggle this week, apart from Zafar, Firdous, and Fareeha, who are only making sure to keep everyone else busy and struggling (though evil panning is still a struggle, we feel you). Do Bol has become awfully predictable, and for the lack of a better word- bland, with the never-ending sob story. It looks like everyone is a “Bechara” who has something bad happening to them (very original!).

Though credit where it’s due, the cast has done a splendid performance with their characters, almost everyone shines through and brings something important and noteworthy to the drama. With veteran actors like Mehmood Aslam, Rubina Ashraf, and Samina Ahmad, the stakes are very high, and everyone has been doing justice to their characters.

As Gaiti is (still crying) at her biological mother’s home, Badar’s dad passes away. Of course, with the brand new personality that has been blessed upon Iqbal Sahab, he has become a big softie at heart. How convenient. In typical fashion, all he needed was a few days away from Gaiti, and a few days with Zafar to realize that Zafar did not deserve Gaiti, and he was not what his mother had made him out to be. Mehmood Aslam’s versatility shines through, he has portrayed this sudden shift in Iqbal’s personality so brilliantly that we almost forget how he has treated Gaiti in the past. He goes to Badar’s house to offer his condolences, he even goes to Jahan Ara’s home to beg her to give Gaiti back to him. Who would’ve thought?

Among the dozen things that have been happening, Jahan Ara’s arrival in Gaiti’s life was also very short lived. She has cancer and passes away after messing up a lot of things in Gaiti’s life. As Gaiti is still mourning her mother’s death, Nafees (Jahan Ara’s husband) shows no heart as he throws her out of the house. Just as she is thrown out, she is reunited with Badar who, very conveniently, has been showing up at all the right places at the right time, unlike Sameer, whose timing has been pretty off throughout the drama. Even after all that has happened, it looks like Badar and Gaiti would end up together (surprise, surprise). Much unlike real life, the good guy does get the girl in Pakistani dramas.

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed’s on-screen chemistry has kept the drama alive. They only share few scenes together on screen this week, but they were enough to restore our faith in Do Bol.