HIP Reviews Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Episode 26: Imran Ashraf Proves that He is an Actor Par Excellence

Imran Ashraf has proven his mettle from his astounding performance in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi...
Published 28 Apr, 2019 06:30pm

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is 26 episodes down now and is inching towards closure. Every episode brings some decent developments and with every episode, we cannot help ourselves from appreciating the script, the acting, and the direction of the serial. Last night’s episode was equally good when it comes to these areas, but it was really disturbing and painful to watch Bhola suffer the way he was made to suffer.

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The best thing about Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is its unpredictability. It is not that typical saas-bahu serial that you watch every other day. The story is fresh and really different and this is what gives him an edge over other dramas—you always look forward to what will happen next. Last night’s episode took another unpredictable turn that we never thought it would take. Noorie using Bhola’s weaknesses and teaming up with Sahir to get rid of Bhola was something unexpected. Noorie and Bhola were starting to get along well before Nusrat Chacha found out the truth about Noorie. However, after her identity was found out and after Sahir came back, things have taken a nasty turn. Noorie and Bhola are not the same anymore, neither is their relationship.

Bhola is madly in love with Noorie and cannot imagine his life without her. He gets agitated whenever he does not see Noorie around and his life’s focus is now only his dulhan. In contrast, Noorie is desperate to have a better future and now that she has found Sahir back, she has started trusting him, and in her desperation, doing everything he asks him to do without seeing the right from wrong. The medicines Bhola is taking do not have the same impact on him now maybe because he is now using his will power to fight them off but ultimately, Noorie was able to get the desired result.

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The episode had so many meaningful conversations, particularly those related to winning and losing. Bhola is willing to lose every time for his dulhan only to make her happy but Noorie wants to win. The script, as well as its execution, was flawless and Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz did a brilliant job in translating them on screen. Imran Ashraf was particularly exceptional last night. He has nailed this challenging character and in this episode, he proved his acting brilliance. His expressions and body language were amazing and in every scene, he made sure that the audience feels for him.

Iqra Aziz also did a good job and so did Syed Jibran. They both are using Bhola’s mental state to their advantage but while Noorie’s intentions are clear, we still do not know what Sahir actually is planning. Syed Jibran has successfully portrayed the mysteriousness around his character and he keeps us guessing about his plans.

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Thankyou for this beautiful post♥️ #repost @siascreations ・・・ I've been watching Ranjha Ranjha Kardi on and off as it's a story with a core theme very close to my heart and honestly I feel Iqra does not receive as much recognition for her performance as Noori as she should. Imran is incredible as Bhola, I couldn't imagine someone better to portray some of the complexities that come on the lower functioning end of the autistic spectrum - some of what he portrays are things I've witnessed first-hand. Despite my reservations with some of the writing of his character his portrayal has been fantastic. However, for everything Bhola does a reaction is needed and Iqra conveys those reactions brilliantly. I haven't ever seen a character as complex as Noori - she is selfish, she is flawed and she has been through a hell of a lot. I haven't felt as much emotion for a female lead as I have for her and I can't quite explain why. I feel proud of her, I feel angry at her, but above all I feel FOR her, especially in the phase when her bond towards Bhola was more maternal. With the current track I see a girl trapped between who she was and who she was growing to be, someone in a situation where she's losing control and doesn't know how to get herself out of it. She has been wronged by absolutely everyone to varying degrees. Do I agree with her actions? Absolutely not. Do I understand her feelings that are making her act as she is? Absolutely. It's a huge grey area, these emotions are complex, her past haunts her but also provides her some safety and security because she knew where she stood. Iqra performs in such a way that I want to see beyond the surface of Noori, I want to understand her, I want to help her - the fact she can build such a connect through her performance is a testament to just how brilliant she is! The Best Actress awards in all Pak award shows should be hers this year! ❤ @iiqraaziz @imranashrafawan #RanjhaRanjhaKardi #RRK #IqraAziz

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The preview of the next episode was also intriguing as it shows some major things happening, which include Fehmida finding out about Noori’s past and Amma Jannatey taking her back with her. Let’s see how these events will unfold and what turn the story with take henceforth.