Lahore Literary Festival All Set to Rock New York

The Lahore Literary festival will present the American audience with a more nuanced view of Pakistan...
Published 30 Apr, 2019 02:54pm

The Lahore Literary Festival (LLF), an international literary festival, will host its fourth iteration of the festival in New York on the 4th of May this year.

As per the information provided on its official Facebook Page, the literary event will explore contemporary Pakistan, through artists, writers, and commentators. The festival will present American audience with a more nuanced view of Pakistan, with discussions on fiction and nonfiction writing, art, architecture, history and politics.

Hosted by Asia Society Network, LLF is considered to be one of South Asia's premier cultural events.

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This year the literary sessions of the event will be followed by an evening of poetry and music from Pakistan's renowned orator and actor Zia Moyheddin and flutist Haider Rahman.

Check out the official website of Asia Society here: Lahore Literary Festival in New York 2019 - Asia Society