HIP Reviews Shameless Proposals’ Episode 5: It Highlights a Crucial Aspect of Arranged Marriages

Shameless Proposals' episode 'Meetha' has raised an essential issue which is embedded in our society for centuries...
Published 06 May, 2019 05:16pm

In order to keep the masses entertained, the Pakistani entertainment industry has started experimenting with the new technology and mediums. While cinema and TV are still very popular, filmmakers have taken a different route in order to make access to their content easier for people which is web-series. It is the new favourite of the public and the producers alike. Apart from easier access, the producers have more freedom to explore a particular topic. However, not all content is worth our time. In this day and age, the viewers want something different and unique.

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One such web-series is Shameless Proposals, produced by Sadia Jabbar Productions, which revolves around the Rishta culture in our society. While the issue at hand is extremely serious, the makers of the show present it in a humorous manner.

This week’s episode, #Meetha, explores another vicious aspect of the Rishta culture. In our society, it is expected of the children to obey the parents no matter what. In doing so, sometimes children spend their entire lives in misery just so their parents’ wishes are fulfilled. Not only girls, sometimes boys too are forced into arranged marriages. In order to save their name, parents fail to understand that their children have a right to choose their life partner or not want to marry altogether. Most of the times, such marriages end up in divorce and if not that, men end up living double lives and women suffer from depression or anxiety.

Ultimately, the next generation has to face the consequences. Although the makers of the show used humour, they did not sugar-coat the reality and kept the story straight. While the script, written by Saji Gul, is flawless, the performances by all the actors are equally commendable.

Shameless Proposals has raised an essential issue which is embedded in our society for centuries. However, it is about time that we realize how toxic and damaging it can be for us. That is why this show is fundamental and necessary in recent times.