HIP Exclusive: 'Heer Maan Ja' Has Many More Surprises Waiting - Imran Raza Kazmi
HIP Exclusive: 'Heer Maan Ja' Has Many More Surprises Waiting - Imran Raza Kazmi

HIP Exclusive: 'Heer Maan Ja' Has Many More Surprises Waiting - Imran Raza Kazmi

The 'Janaan' producer says his latest has the right mix of comedy, drama, action and romance...

Published May 08, 2019 03:51pm

Following the success of Siyaah, Janaan and Parchi, producer Imran Raza Kazmi is back with his latest, Heer Maan Ja, a joint production of IRK and Arif Lakhani films. The teaser of the Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem Farooq starrer generated a massive response and left us wondering what other tricks the makers have in their bag for the film’s trailer and of course the movie itself.

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Speaking exclusively to HIP, Imran sounded clearly pleased with the manner in which the promo has been received.“The response to the teaser has exceeded our expectations. We were expecting that it will resonate with the audience since the film itself is the kind that will appeal to a wide swathe of the audience – it is lighthearted, has good comedy and an interesting storyline,” he said, adding “Although I must mention that we have revealed less than five percent of the plot in the teaser!”

The minute and a half long preview have already generated some positive hype for the film. “Seeing the teaser trending on twitter and on YouTube for five or six days and the kind of messages we have received and over the social media, where the feedback is honest and sometimes harsh too – the comments we have received on Facebook and other platforms have been overwhelmingly positive,” he gushed.

The teaser marks only the beginning of the film’s promotional blitzkrieg, according to Imran. “We have a whole lineup of surprises in place. There are many more songs, and the trailer will reveal more fun bits about the film’s storyline. We have only showcased limited content in the teaser so far!”

One notable thing about Heer Maan Ja’s teaser was the sheer number of what some thought were cameo appearances by well-known stars. “The superstars appearing in the film have much more to do than a simple cameo – they actually have proper fleshed out roles in the film,” Imran clarifies. “We ensured that every actor and every character in the film has something meaningful to do, and that includes the superstars who are not there to simply make an appearance. The audience will definitely be surprised by the way all these actors have acted in the film, they have never done it the way it’s been shown in Heer Maan Ja. We have watched the film a hundred times and we still never stop laughing. I would like to thank every single of them – from Amna Shiekh to Mikaal (Zulfiqar), Ali Kazmi, Shaz Khan, Zara Sheikh, Ahmed Ali Akbar, for joining the film and trusting us.”

The film being Imran’s fourth production, there would clearly be no shortage of experience when it came to knowing what works with the audience. Was this the secret behind the film’s appeal? Imran’s response was in the affirmative. “We had an idea of what clicks with the audience and what we as Pakistanis enjoy after producing three films and watching each of those films with the audience again and again, and getting their feedback,” he said. “People in the country have limited outlets for entertainment so watching movies is one place where people go and have fun. Romance, comedy, drama and action when combined produces what people enjoy massively,” he further added.

We could not help but wonder that like Janaan and Siyaah, does Heer Maan Ja too have a social message? “ Yes, you will see certain subliminal, positive messages we will give to the audience, which is one of the USPs of the film,” Imran responded. And the Parchi producer is very confident that the audience will love the film. “The audience is going feel so good after watching the film, as we will make them escape from reality. I am 110% sure people will enjoy it. The jokes are subtle, it is a family film, the clothes and wardrobe are glamorous while reflecting our culture. We have tried to showcase the country’s beauty, and the spectacular scenic locations of Pakistan – the reason we don’t shoot abroad is that we have to tell the world within the next four or five years about our beauty and our landscapes. It is essential for us to showcase our tourism potential and show the world what we really are like!”

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Imran concluded the conversation by revealing that we should be expecting the trailer “sometimes in mid or end of June.” We have our fingers crossed and look forward to catching the film this Eid ul Azha!