Shoaib Akhtar Defends Shahid Afridi's Statement in His Book!

Shahid Afridi’s autobiography ‘Game Changer’ came in the market a few days ago and it has been one of the hot...
Published 10 May, 2019 11:31am

Shahid Afridi’s autobiography ‘Game Changer’ came in the market a few days ago and it has been one of the hot topics in the cricketing circle of the country since then. Afridi was pretty blunt in his autobiography and the senior cricketers couldn’t absorb the things Shahid said about them so they started to criticize him but Shoaib Akhtar’s stance was very different.

The Rawalpindi express defended Shahid Afridi’s statement in his book and said, “I think Shahid Afridi has written far less in his book about the harsh treatment he received from senior players during his playing days. I have witnessed some of it myself and totally agree with him.”

Afridi thanked Shoaib Akhtar for supporting his stance and said, “Thank you Shoaib! Followed in your footsteps and wrote a book :) Never wanted to hurt any former player. Only trying to state facts. See you soon!”

Shahid criticized two ex-Pakistan team captains, Waqar Younis, and Javed Miandad.

Shahid’s remarks about Waqar Younis were, “Waqar and I had a history, dating all the way back to his tiff with Wasim Akram over the captaincy crown. He was a mediocre captain but a terrible coach, always micromanaging and getting in the way, trying to tell the captain – me – what to do… It was a natural clash and it was bound to happen.”

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Moreover, Shahid said that Javed Miandad never liked him. He stated, “The tussle had started even before the series kicked off. Miandad had developed a strong opinion against me… in fact, the day before I went to bat, Miandad didn’t even give me any net practice. So I had to practice on a stringed ball, alone, away from my teammates. That was the cloud of angst and embarrassment under which I was playing my first Test against Pakistan’s greatest rival.”

Shahid Afridi also wrote about the spot-fixing scandal which has made his auto-biography even more interesting.