HIP Reviews 'Shameless Proposals' Episode 6: #Bloodsuckingrishta Takes on the Corroding Dowry System!

Shameless Proposals have been shamelessly honest about the issues faced by many in our society...
Published 13 May, 2019 04:01pm

While Shameless Proposals uses humour to disguise the brutal truth, the issues raised by them are hardly talked about in our society. However, it is essentially important to have a discussion about the demeaning Rishta system which is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we hardly give it a second thought. Since everyone has easy access to the internet, Web series can play a major role in highlighting such issues.

Shameless Proposals have been shamelessly honest about the issues faced by many in our society. In order to bring change, it is important, to tell the truth as it is, no matter how brutal it is.

This week’s episode tackles another harsh aspect of this society – the age-old dowry system. As soon as a girl is born, the first thought that comes to her parents’ mind is of her marriage. And so begins the ordeal of collecting valuables for her dowry which would, hopefully, secure an ideal suitor for their daughter. As soon as she comes of age, the vultures start circling the girl’s house. The important point to understand is the size of her house and the number of cars in the garage. The bigger the house, the large the amount of ‘essential’ items she will bring with her.

While they may not ask for it upfront, the boy’s family think it their birthright to receive presents on their son’s wedding. Sometimes, if they are feeling gutsy, they can bring out their own lists of items the boy will need to be ‘a good husband’. God forbid if the girl’s parents are unable to fulfil their demands, their daughter will instantly become unmarriageable. Since that is unacceptable, the parents spend their entire lives hard-earned money on useless material things instead of their daughter’s education. However, there is still no guarantee of her happiness.

Directed by Hunny Haroon and written by Saji and Atlas, the episode paints the ugly picture of such bloodsucking Rishta perfectly. Whether you belong to a modest middle-class family or an educated, liberal upper-class, no one is safe from the curse of dowry.