Learn the Joys of Love, Compassion and Acceptance with the New Peek Freans Cake Up Ad!

Heartwarming, emotional and hitting right on the nerves is what the new Peek Freans Cake Up ad is all about...
Published 14 May, 2019 10:47am

The 3 min 47 seconds Ad features a beautiful mother-child bond teaching important life lessons.

A mother, no matter how busy she is, can never neglect her child, and this ad has brought a mother's love and her concern to the surface. Excruciatingly beautiful, the concept of the new Cake Up Ad will make you miss your mother immediately, more importantly, because you love her but also because she made you who you are today.

With every flavour of Cake Up the ad very beautifully gives out some life lessons that need to be taught. Amidst the hectic schedules, our lives have taken upon, the subtlety with which the ad imparts important life lessons is indeed, beautiful and impacting.

The new Peek Freans Cake Up Ad has become viral, not because its visually attractive but the key creativity behind it appeals to the masses. It's relatable to every mother out there, who wants the best for her child and knows how to get it done. You see a mother teaching her child the meaning of compassion, of owing up, of sharing and with each lesson, you see a child's personality blooming. This by far is the most comprehensive yet very subtle ad that focuses on a child's personality development.

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But if you ask, does the Cake Up ad serves its purpose? Does it instil the idea to try the new product? Well, even though the cakes seem delicious, we like the fact that the makers have chosen to stay low key with the marketing. You don't have the product being bombarded in your face, it's subtle, it's sombre and it serves a bigger purpose. They were actually smart enough to lead with a separate announcer copy BEFORE this Ad to register the product and it's ingredients, meant they were free to focus on building the brands personality here. And that we believe, is the ultimate win for the new Peek Freans Cake Up. It has managed to win audiences over with love.