BOL TV Restrained by Court to Broadcast Bulbulay!

It's no secret that Bulbulay is the most popular sitcom which has been airing on ARY Digital for years...
Published 15 May, 2019 03:21pm

It is no secret that Bulbulay is the most popular sitcom of recent times which has been airing on ARY Digital for years. While the cast of the show including, Ayesha Omer, Mehmood Aslam, Nabeel, and Hina Dilpazeer, are loved by all, the iconic character, Momo, has become a legend among the fans of Bulbulay. The viewers loved and rejoiced over the antics of their favourite characters. In the absence of new episodes, ARY on-aired the reruns of old episodes for their viewers and to keep the memory of this beloved show alive.

Recently, BOL TV started airing the drama on their channel by the name of Phir Bulbulay. According to them, it was the second season of Bulbulay. However, there’s a plot twist.

A few years ago, Nabeel Zafar, who is also the producer of Bulbulay, was appointed as the CEO of BOL TV. At that time, he decided to take Bulbulay to BOL, although ARY had acquired the rights of the show from him.

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However, after a dispute, he resigned from BOL TV and there were no further talks of shifting Bulbulay from ARY. After BOL started airing Bulbulay, ARY filed a lawsuit against them for airing the show illegally. Finally, the court has issued a stay order against BOL TV and restrained them from airing Bulbulay.

While ARY and the makers of Bulbulay celebrate their victory, they have great news for the fans as well. It has been announced that ARY will launch the second season of Bulbulay after Eid-ul Fitr. While special episodes will air on the first and second day of Eid, the show will resume its regular spot on the channel afterwards. It seems like the reign of Bulbulay will last much longer.