Asad Siddiqui Schools Social Media Police Over "Hania-Yasir" Controversy!

Hania Aamir and Yasir Hussain have recently been involved in a major social media spat after the latter’s...
Published 17 May, 2019 02:49pm

Hania Aamir and Yasir Hussain have recently been involved in a major social media spat after the latter’s insensitive comment against the actress prompted a huge social media war. With things getting uglier for the entertainment fraternity over the controversy and Iqra Aziz’s unfollowing her fellow co-stars from Insta making it into news, Asad Siddiqui has now broken his silence on the matter and has called out for peace.

In a very serious social media post, Asad condemned all social media bloggers, influencer and trollers who are making statements about actors and their relationship with each other.

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Peace out!

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‘Let’s use social media as a platform to make a real difference in the world instead of creating differences among ourselves,’ Asad wrote.

‘Whether we follow each other or not should never be a point of discussion for our journalists to make news out of. You can judge us on our jobs but not on our relationship with each other,’ he said schooling all those bloggers and journalists making use of the controversy for the sake of ratings.

It all started when Hania took to social media to share her struggle of dealing with acne and how it made her feel less beautiful. Her intention was to break the so-called beauty standards and own up to the apparently flawed yet beautiful skin each girl/individual possesses.

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So I have always struggled with mild acne. Always had these bumps on my forehead that JUST WOULD NOT BUDGE! I had gotten used to them. But the journey I have been on for a couple of months has been quite a painful one. I’d just come back to chitral from a day trip to kalash and after I had washed my face it started to burn and my skin went red. Didn’t take it seriously but the next day I had these tiny red bumps ALL OVER MY FACE.I freaked out but didn’t let it get the best of me because I was at work. They would show on camera, everybody started to ask me, started with the totkas and then came the anxiety.. khair when I got back they kind of calmed down.My skin looked clearer than before. But some three months back it started to act up again and it was even worse this time! I kept it clean,toner,creams,dermatologists,everything! Nothing seemed to fix my skin and I had my night AND days of crying. Feeling insecure. Anxiety. Makeup wouldn’t help. I was a mess but I went through it and got out of it too. I went to a different doctor and he prescribed me some meds. My skin has been better than before. But it made me wonder.. Why is my skin defining me? Who has made these beauty standards that we always feel the need to match? The society? Clear skin is beauty? I know that the idea of being “perfect” is appealing to majority but you don’t need to be an airbrushed flawless image to feel beautiful. Nobody should feel the pressure of matching the ridiculous societal beauty standards.Have your own.Beauty is within and anybody who makes you feel small because of what you LOOK like shouldn’t be around you! To all the brothers and sisters out there! Being a celebrity does not mean perfection; it only means we have chosen a profession that makes us and our lives public but certainly not that we do not go through issues in life; Every individual has their own. Perfection is not what we should be seeking, being comfortable in our own skin is the key. This is my skin at the moment. Better than before but still not quite okay. But till I tackle it am I gonna hide myself from the world? Shy away from people? No. Yes I am struggling but my skin DOES NOT define me. 🙏🏽

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Most celebs including Mahira Khan, Zara Noor Abbas came in to defend Hania over her brave act and landed their support. While people were busy admiring the actress’ stance over beauty standards, Yasir Hussain passed a derogatory comment over her calling her ‘danedaar’.

This lead to things getting uglier between the two celebs and Hania schooling him over his distasteful comment. But the matter had no stopping here. It transformed into a big controversy creating rifts between celebs supporting Hania and those supporting Yasir.