Junoon All Set to Release a New Song After 15 Years!

Band members of 'Junoon' made an official announcement of their new project...
Published 24 May, 2019 03:23pm

It’s no secret that Junoon is the most loved and internationally renowned band of Pakistan. Since the 90s, Junoon has been the pioneer of Sufi rock in our music industry. It was not just a band, it was a phenomenon and continues to be. It inspired many musicians and artists to follow their footsteps. The band members, Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat and Brian O’Connell, were worshipped by the music lovers. Their songs, Sayonee, Jazba Junoon, Yaar Bina became the anthems of the 90s. Despite their temporary breakup in 2008, all three band members continued their own musical journeys and kept the memory of Junoon alive.

In 2018, a reunion concert was held where Junoon performed and revived the memories of old times. Since then, the news had been circulating that the band is working on a new song which will be their first song together in the last 15 years.

Yesterday, all three band members of Junoon made an official announcement of their new project. In a video clip uploaded on various social media platforms, Junoon revealed that they will be releasing a song soon which will be to support Pakistan cricket team in World Cup 2019. While Salman Ahmed said that this song will be for the unity of Pakistan and to boost the morale of our cricket team, Ali Azmat mentioned that this is for all the Pakistanis, especially those who are marginalized.

Previously, Junoon released the iconic, Jazba Junoon, in 1996, which became the chant of the nation. It has been 23 years since then and once again, Junoon will release the anthem for the cricket world cup.

After this news, the fans and devotees of cricket, music and specifically, Junoon, have rejoiced. While the anticipation for the world cup is increasing day by day, an energetic anthem by Junoon would be cherry on top.