Asma Nabeel Draws Inspiration from Depilex’s Smile Again Foundation for 'Surkh Chandni'

Asma revealed that her key inspiration behind the eye-opening play was Depilex’s Smile Again Foundation...
Updated 06 Jun, 2019 03:33pm

We have all been eagerly waiting for upcoming drama serial Surkh Chandni, penned down by ace writer Asma Nabeel who has given us hits like Khaani, Baandi among many others. Our curiosity has now further up after watching the harrowing teasers of the intense play, which revolves around the sensitive social issue of acid attacks in our country. Lately, Asma revealed that her key inspiration behind the eye-opening play was Depilex’s Smile Again Foundation.

In a detailed Facebook post, the renowned drama writer shared how she was deeply moved after meeting Masarrat Misbah along with the courageous acid attack survivors two years ago in the blessed month of Ramadan.

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‘Each story pinched me and I still remember that after hearing all those stories it became difficult for me to sleep. The stories were haunting. They were soul-jolting. And after hearing all that I kept on thinking what can be done and then Allah gave me the courage to pen down Surkh Chandni,’ Asma wrote, revealing the idea behind the play.

She added that she feels blessed over the fact that after two years of hard work of all the people associated with the play, the first look teasers have been released in the month of Ramadan, the same month in which she had drawn her inspiration from Smile Again Foundation.

Concluding her post with prayers and blessings for all those girls who have survived the fatal attacks, Asma wrote, ‘A first step that I took two years back may end up in paving the way for some positive steps towards the change.’

Directed by Shahid Shafaat, the drama stars Osman Khalid Butt, Sohai Ali Abro and Mansha Pasha in lead roles. The drama aims to acknowledge and put an emphasis on the legislation of the acid and burns crime bill.