HIP Music Reviews: Mehwish Hayat Setting the Stage on Fire With the Song 'Chirrya'

Mehwish Hayat without any doubt is a leading film actress and takes over the big screen by a storm...
Updated 24 Jun, 2019 05:51pm

Chhalawa is running in cinemas all over Pakistan as the movie was scheduled to release on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Mehwish Hayat without any doubt is a leading film actress and takes over the big screen by a storm. She has produced mega hits like JPNA and Punjab Nahi Jaungi and has been appreciated for her acting skills!

Mehwish’s song Billi from Na Maloom Afraad was said to be a complete sizzler and an item song that titled Mehwish as the dancing queen. She now features in the song Chirriya and the song is pretty much same like her song Billi.

Previously, the Billi star talked about her song Chirriya and said, “Chirriya is a great song I think it’s the kind of song that will be played in weddings, radios, parties, and cars all the time. There is a lot of hook in that song.”

The song is very happening and will surely make you listen to it twice! Mehwish’s attire is very colorful and adds the necessary pop to the song. Talking about the backdrop, it’s pretty much the same as Billi. The song features Mehwish dancing on a stage set up in a local Mela. She taps the ground with the jingling anklets and remains the center of attraction in a big crowd of men, throughout the song.

Mehwish is also seen flying high in the sky with her beautiful dress hanging down with so many colors on it and this portrays the concept of the song Chirriya. Coming to the lyrics and the song itself, and honestly, it's just okay but the choreography deserves a word of appreciation.

Now, of course, our society is not immune to the item songs and people have mixed reviews about the song. Some have to say that our culture doesn't accept the dances and all but Mehwish’s fans are happy to see her taking over the big screen this Eid!