HIP Reviews 'Jaal' Episode 14 Episode 14 : Imran Ashraf Plays Zaid’s Character Perfectly

Jaal stars the latest sensation Imran Ashraf, the ever talented Sumbul Iqbal, Ali Kazmi, and Sukaina Khan...
Published 08 Jun, 2019 02:51pm

Under the banner of MD Productions and Momal Entertainment, Jaal stars the latest sensation Imran Ashraf, the ever talented Sumbul Iqbal, Ali Kazmi, and Sukaina Khan. Though the drama’s story does not have anything exceptional to offer, the acting by the ensemble cast and the direction makes it something to look forward to.

The episode revolved mainly around Zonia and Arsal’s rising problems and on the growing interest of Zaid in Esha. Zonia and Arsal are reaping what they have sowed. Arsal left his job to do business and now they have lost all the money they had since the man they trusted with their money ran away with it. Zonia is angry and frustrated over what has happened, and Sukaina Khan nails all those expressions perfectly. She is the perfect fit for this character since she portrays the sense of entitlement, selfishness, and overall rudeness of her character in the perfect manner. Although her screaming every now and then is a bit annoying, which could have been cut down, she has done complete justice to her character.

On the other hand, we see Zaid trying to get Esha’s attention. Zaid is a thorough gentleman who has a really soft heart and cares for everyone around him. He cannot see his brother suffering and rushes on just one call with all the money he had at that time to help him in this time of need. He is there to help Esha with her responsibilities and he also accepts Esha’s refusal to get married with grace. Imran Ashraf has adapted himself well in this role and he definitely manages to make it a lovable character. His humbleness and caring attitude is visible from his body language and his expressions are also on point.

Although this drama has nothing new or interesting to offer, the ensemble cast has delivered. Let’s hope the story picks up some pace and has something unique in store for us to keep our interest alive in this serial.

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