Mehwish Hayat Gets Trolled for her Dance Number in Chhalawa

Once again Mehwish has become a part of the trolling that goes around on various social media platforms...
Published 10 Jun, 2019 12:47pm

Undoubtedly Mehwish Hayat is a big star and has showcased her acting skills on the big screen a number of times but unfortunately, the odds have not always been in her favour.

Once again Mehwish has become a part of the trolling that goes around on various social media platforms, reminding you that recently she faced a lot of criticism for being awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and she finally snapped back at her haters.

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Now that her movie Chhalawa is running in cinemas nowadays, people have a lot to say about the movie and specifically her dance number. The leading star posted a clip from her new dance number Chiriya and people have just lost their patience!

She has been trolled in the comments and people are questioning why was she awarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz?!

It is pretty clear that her fans are not very happy and are also questioning the values and morals of our society and culture. Seeing at a lot of criticism happening under her post, the designer Munib Nawaz and the choreographer Wahab Shah stepped in to support for the dancing queen.

People on twitter have also poured in some critics about the item song:

Well, the question that comes to one’s mind is WHY would the team of Chhawala come up with a song similar to Billi from Na Maloom Afraad when Billi had faced the same type of hate from the audience and clearly it wasn’t what people wanted to see on the big screen.

To end it up, our final remarks about the ongoing criticism is that, Mehwish is a very talented actress and she doesn't deserve any bashing… but when you put a piece of work in front of the audience, they will say what they have to say! And in this case, apparently, they don't appreciate the item song at all.