Bisconni Craving’s New Ad Revives the Sweetest Childhood Memories!

When you think about your childhood, there is always a sharp aroma of food associated with it. The strong smell of...
Published 14 Jun, 2019 08:03pm

When you think about your childhood, there is always a sharp aroma of food associated with it. The strong smell of zeera coming from the daal your grandmother made, the scent of roasted peanuts you shared with your cousins, the earthy smell of coconut sprinkled on the sheer khurma on Eid day. As we grow older, these special moments become just memories. However, whenever you get off a whiff of these familiar smells, they take you back to the golden time of your life.

In order to revive your childhood memories, Bisconni Craving launched their new range of cookies in zeera, peanuts and coconut flavours through a series of nostalgic TVCs. It consists of three different scenarios which paint a delightful picture and highlights the emotional journey of going down the memory lane. Their tagline, Mehakti Yaadoun Ka Maza, is very touching and effective.

This year, Bisconni Craving celebrated the Eid with many celebrities and influencers by sending them packages of their special cookies as Eidi. This sweet gesture was appreciated by them and celebrities posted videos reminiscing their pleasant Ramzan and Eid memories. The Suno Chanda famed actress, Iqra Aziz, recalls the memorable time spend with her father and the biryani he made for her on Eid. She says that it was the best biryani she has ever had.

Meanwhile, Ramsha Khan remembers the fun she had with her cousins on Chaand Raat. She remembers the mehndi, chooriyan and all the excitement of Eid.

Ali Rehman Khan used to have a grand breakfast at his daadi’s house with his entire family and that’s the memory which came to his mind when he opened the box of Bisconni Craving cookies.

Similarly, Osman Khalid Butt recalls going for Eid prayers with his father and brother while his sister made his favourite traditional siwaiyan.

Although Bisconni has been making our tea-time extra special for 15 years, Bisconni Craving has made it exceptional with their delicious cookies. In this fast-paced life, it feels amazing to be reminded of the remarkable memories of our childhood and Bisconni Craving has managed to hit the mark.