HIP Exclusive: 'There is a Shortage of Good Heroines in the Industry' - Eshal Fayyaz

The 'Kaaf Kangana' starlet opens up about working on her debut film....
Updated 15 Jun, 2019 02:04pm

If Eshal Fayyaz’s career could be visualized pictorially, it would probably be blurred by its speed. Within a very short span of time over just the last few years, the budding starlet has made the transition from modeling to television and now is ready to star in her first feature film, Khaleel-ul-Rehman Qamar’s magnum opus Kaaf Kangana. The actress was noticed for her talents after appearing in television serials Hatheli and Paimanay and will be appearing opposite Sami Khan in the role of a girl from across the border in her upcoming film. HIP got in touch with Eshal to have a word about the film and her experience in the industry so far.

Opening up about her beginnings as a model, she said “Modeling was where I got my start and it was a wonderful experience to flirt with the camera. Modeling helped me in my grooming for the industry and taught me about lighting, different angles and expressions and it is because of modeling that I feel I learned my basics from the fashion industry.” Her big move to television acting was “not incidental --rather it was planned”, according to her. “I wanted to expand the horizon to discover more mediums to prove my mettle. Acting, of course, is the ultimate decision to see me on larger than life screen.”

Khaleel-ur-Rehan Qamar being a veteran writer has a reputation for being quite a taskmaster. Was it daunting to take cues from him, that too for her first, debut film? Eshal chose to remain diplomatic, opining “Khaleel Sahib is a treasure trove of talent. I learned the finest points of the craft working with him as he is very detail oriented. He would explain each shot in detail and would allow me to slip into the skin of the character. The role was challenging with a great margin for performance.”

When queried about those challenges, she revealed “It required a lot of homework. I went through different get-ups and looks till I was myself satisfied with the final look. I read a lot of books and did my research on the internet and spoke to several Indian friends to pick up the tips and the proper accent.” She, however, chose to be tight-lipped about her character though, “The role is about an Indian girl falling for a Pakistani boy -- I would not kill the surprise element of the movie!”

Kaaf Kangana is a project which Eshal believes that Pakistani audiences would be able to relate to on many levels. “The audience should come to see Kaaf Kangana for a well-directed melodrama with a very powerful cast, which includes both experienced veterans and fresh actors like myself. It's a movie that will fill the hearts of Pakistanis with patriotism.”

Summing up the conversation Eshal says that things are looking up for her in the future. “I am confident of my looks and acting skills and there is such a shortage of good heroine material and I feel I am a combination of the basic elements that a person requires to be a star, so the future looks promising!”

We look forward to catching Eshal in her debut film on the big screen and wish her and her film’s team the best. You can catch Kaaf Kangana's trailer here: